Are you candidate of hair transplant?

Are you candidate of hair transplant?

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Are YOU A Candidate which is suitable for hair transplant?

All Hair loss patients are not suitable for Hair Transplantation.

Yes this is the common question which is comes in mind when we talk about the hair transplant. Actually what happen there is no age limit in hair surgery? The person who is near his 80’s he can also go for this surgery only reason of the hair transplant surgery is that person is physically fit means he/she is healthy then they can go for the hair transplant. Yes I want to discuss one more thing that in case of young person the hair transplant is not so feasible so we recommend them to go for medication and avoid their hair loss .One thing we have to note that donor area theory is applicable in terms of hair transplant means those person who has less donor area in that the hair taken hair is less and some time we have to go for Chest / Pubic etc Hair Transplant. So better donor area less hardwork for extracting hair and cost cutting is also there in less donor area.

So based on the donor area

  • 1. Density is good is there is good donor area.
  • 2. Thickness of graft is good

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