BIO-FUE Hair Transplantation

BIO-FUE Hair Transplantation

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    BIO-FUE Hair transplantation in India

    BIO-FUE is the latest advanced technique for hair transplantation. The technique uses the FUE procedure to accomplish the targets aimed at in a hair restoration procedure. The BIO-FUE technique is generally an enhancement technique that revolves around FUE hair transplant. The technique has no restrictions and it can be used by both men and women to restore hair when it is healthier and in the shortest time.

    BIO-FUE transplant in India is performed with high artistry which helps in bio-stimulation of the transplanted hair follicles. At the end, the patient gets the best results since regenerative cells fasten the healing process and help one to acquire a better density.

    What is BIO-FUE hair Transplantation?

    It is a biotechnology procedure that is an evolution of the FUE hair transplant technique. The FUE hair transplant technique is performed, after which regenerative cells from one’s own blood are directly injected or infused into the recipient area (bald). These regenerative cells, which are separated from your blood contain growth factors that bring about better results. With the BIO FUE regenerative cells, natural and permanent results are attained

    What to do before you get a BIO FUE hair transplant

    BIO FUE hair transplant in India is known as an advanced technique for producing excellent results, but before you get it done, you need to find the best hair transplant centre. ASG hair transplant centre is the best hair transplant centre where you will achieve the best natural and permanent results

    General anaesthesia is given to the patient

    The procedure of BIO FUE hair Transplant Surgery

    The advanced procedure can be explained in only four simple steps;

    Step 1

    A blood sample is extracted from the patient and poured into the PRP Kit. The PRP Kit is then placed in the centrifugation machine to separate the regenerative cells from the blood sample. Two layers are formed and the layer with the regenerative cells is removed

    Step 2

    When the surgeon has completed the hair extraction process, the hair follicles are dipped into the regenerative cell substance to increase their survival rate and resistance


    The hair follicles are then transplanted into the affected region in the right direction and angle to produce natural results

    Step 4

    The regenerative cells are then directly injected into the recipient area to improve hair growth and speed up the healing process.

    The Benefits of Having a BIO FUE hair transplant surgery

    • It helps one achieve a good density of hair
    • BIO- FUE improves the growth rate of the hair and produces a good coverage on the scalp
    • The regenerative cells repair the damaged hair cells, hence reviving the hair growth system
    • It speeds up the healing process of the entire scalp after the surgery
    • Better results

    BIO FUE Cost

    BIO FUE is a sophisticated hair transplant procedure which is also a combination of two procedures. That means that BIO-FUE cost in India is determined by many underlying factors, some which include the number of hair grafts needed and the clinic you visit.

    Hair Transplant Results

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