Reasons Why I Got The Best Results At ASG



    I automatically knew that a hair transplant procedure needed an expert. During my search, I had about many hair transplant centres, but wasn’t interested in which was the best. I just needed a good hair transplant centre to match my expectations. Then I landed at ASG hair transplant centre. The doctors and technicians managed to satisfy me during the consultation. I got the best answers and my doubts were all cleared.

    My best experience during the procedure was extracting hair without shaving my scalp. It was just wonderful. I had no complications after the procedure and the postoperative treatment was perfect.

    The doctors explained the whole procedure of how they would extract my hair with the help of a strip; carefully dissect it in their laboratory and keep the hair follicles in a saline solution for some time as tiny incisions were being made in my donor area. The hair follicles were then smartly inserted into the tiny incisions in groups of 1, 2 and son on in order to make a good density and create natural results. I was pleased with my appearance at the end of the procedure and automatically predicted the best results which I received within a year and plus.