The Funny Encounter with a Surgeon

body hair transplant results


    I was shocked to learn that I needed a body hair transplant. Oh, My; I could imagine the pain I had to withstand since the doctor observed that he could possibly get 700 grafts to implant them on my scalp. I asked him if all his patients had to undergo this procedure, but he told me that it’s completely optional. It is only a way of attaining more hair grafts for a hair transplant procedure.

    I had to choose from a single hair transplant (FUE) or two procedures in order to get my hair back. He lastly told me that I wouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure since local anesthesia is given to numb the body or the scalp. I came to rest at last when I heard this.

    I chose an FUE & BHT in order to make it a single procedure. I had to stop smoking for about 1 week in order to be safe and all that. After 5 months of my procedure, I remembered how terrified I was before and I laughed at myself. I couldn’t believe that I had hair occupying my former bald region and life is smoother than I could ever imagine. Thank you, doctor for the amazing experience you gave me.