Trichotillomania –Its causes and symptoms.



    There are different ways to handle the stressful situation. Everyone deals with the stress according to their own way. There are lots of the people who relieve the stress through the physical activities. Some perform the dance or some do running. There are some people who deal with the stress easily but there are some people who suffer from the OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) have disruptive behavior that affects their life adversely.

    Trichotillomania is the one form of the OCD problem. Trichotillomania is the stage in which patient is pulling out the hairs from the head, eyebrows, eyelashes etc. or any part of the body where hairs grow. People suffering from Trichotillomania is out the hairs like the crazy person. Pulling out the hair is the silly habit and one should have to stop it. But this is the disease that we cannot resist the sufferer for pulling out the hair. You can consult the best dermatologist for the hair transplant in Punjab. He willfully guides you about the full situations and if you require the hair transplant surgery, he will suggest you properly.

    What are the causes of the Trichotillomania?

    • Anxiety and Stress: The most common cause of the Trichotillomania is the anxiety and the stress. Researchers are not sure about this. It is just like the shaking of the legs, nail. Pulling of hair may give the relaxation feeling to the stressful person. The impulse of pulling hair is stronger when the person is stressful. Researchers show that it has the calm effect on the nerves.
    • OCD Compulsions: the second reason of pulling the hair is the OCD compulsions. This can occur when chronic thoughts come in the mind. This is clear from the statistics that it is not the habit but the compulsion.
    • Self-Harm: Someone believes that Trichotillomania is the form of the self-harm. This is true in selective cases. But in most cases, it is the rare problem.
    • Pulling of hair can only cause the momentary instance of the pain.

    What are the symptoms of the Trichotillomania?

    • The first symptom is to continue pulling out the hair from the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes.  Sometimes, other parts of the body. The sites are varying from place to another.
    • The second symptom is the tension increases when we resist the pulling.
    • The third symptom is that you feel the sense of pleasure or relief when you are trying to pull out the hairs.
    • There may be the noticeable hair loss like there may be shortened hair, thin hair or bald hairs.
    • Hair pulling is performed in the specific pattern.
    • Sometimes the person suffering from this problem, try to bite, chew or eat the pulled out hairs.
    • Some play with the pulled out hairs or some rub with the pulled out hair with the lips or face.

    Once you see these symptoms and then consult the best dermatologist for the hair transplant in India.