‘Scalp Cooling’, A New Approach to Prevent Hair Loss in Cancer Patients



    The latest FDA approved procedure seems to be an effective treatment for cancer patients who desire to protect their locks. Earlier on, various techniques, such as freezable gel caps, scalp-cooling conditioners, and wig liners had been utilized to retain hair in cancer patients, but according to surveys, none is actually effective like scalp cooling.

    How Does Scalp Cooling Work?

    The technique only works by reducing the scalp temperature, a few degrees before, during and after the commonest type of cancer treatment, known as chemotherapy. The technique constricts the blood vessels on the scalp and prevents chemotherapy from damaging the hair follicles. In addition, the cooling is also thought to reduce the activity of the hair follicles, by making them less attractive to the treatment (chemotherapy), which is generally known to shut down the fastest-reproducing cells in a cancer patient.

    The DigniCap as a Breakthrough Device

    There are a few devices recently cleared by FDA that work effectively to protect and prevent hair loss in cancer patients and one of them is ‘DigniCap’. The device is utilized in the process known as scalp cooling that has existed for decades. The Paxman device is another device used to prevent hair loss in cancer patients.

    According to analysts, the DigniCap and the scalp cooling approach will obviously become the first mainstream solution to alopecia in cancer patients. According to studies, 65% of cancer patients across the globe are affected by alopecia triggered by cancer treatments, generally, chemotherapy.

    What you Must know about the latest technique

    • Although cleared by FDA, the treatment is restricted to some cancer patients.

    • The treatment approach doesn’t also work in all cancer patients, basically those who undergo certain types of chemotherapy.

    • In some patients, it is totally uncomfortable

    • The cost of the treatment is another hurdle that cancer patients will certainly face. It is estimated that using the devices can cost between Rs.17, 920 to Rs.32, 000 per treatment.

    Hair loss in Cancer Patients

    Being told that you have cancer is probably the worst news ever for a majority of individuals. Apart from bearing with uncertainties during the treatments, losing hair is another terrifying case that openly signifies how critical your condition is. The scalp cooling approach with the latest devices such as DigniCap and Paxman are possible ways to help cancer patients deal with the disease.

    The efficacy of the treatment is guaranteed, although some cancer patients may not benefit from it.