What Can I Expect During The Recovery Period After Hair Transplant Surgery?

What Can I Expect During The Recovery Period After Hair Transplant Surgery?


    Undergoing hair transplant surgery is the big step as you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the surgery. Although hair transplant surgery is the minimally invasive and painless procedure of hair restoration still there can be various doubts and fears in your mind related to results and recover after the surgery.

    Hair transplant surgery is the basically relocation of some healthy and loss resistant hair follicles from the denser side of the scalp to the bald site but this surgery can give you the best and safe results if you have chosen the best, experienced and efficient surgeon for you. Role of doctor almost ends after the surgery as he has done his duty in the operation theatre afterwards you need to play your role for the optimized results of the surgery.

    What to expect after surgery?

    FUE hair transplant is the outpatient procedure of few hours so patient need not be hospitalized as on the same day he can get back to his home. Before going home, patients are provided with some instructions to follow after the surgery for being the stand for preventive care.

    1. Soon after the surgery, your scalp may not be pleasing as due to the trauma of donor site and newly implanted hair there can be some redness and swelling on the treated area but it is normal and there is nothing to worry about it as all these aftereffects soon get vanish.
    2. There can also be some tenderness and soreness on the hair implantation site and it remains for a few days but there is nothing to worry as the doctor provides instructions to prevent and minimize this soreness. For few days patient is advised to sleep by keeping his head in elevating position to ensure proper blood supply for quick healing and to prevent swelling.
    3. Although the patient can resume his routine activities after5-7 days he is advised to remain extra careful about his scalp as some activities that can cause any type of injury or damage to the surgical site are need to be avoided for at least 1-2 weeks.
    4. Exposure to sun must be avoided for 10 days as excessive heat can cause sweating in the scalp so can lead to infection and even sun rays can damage the newly transplanted hair roots.
    5. In a few weeks, your hair can get shed but there is nothing to worry as this happen due to shock loss and after 4-5 weeks the hair follicles start growing again naturally and remain for the lifetime.
    6. Patients’ have to say no to hair care products and equipment for a few weeks as these products and equipment can damage the transplanted roots. Hair dye is also not advised for at least3 weeks.
    7. After7-8 month’s patient can have visible results of hair transplant and he can have naturally growing hair that is impossible to distinguish.
    8. Some patients also choose the PRP therapy after hair transplantation to stimulate the growth of newly transplanted hair and for faster recovery of the scalp