Hair Transplant in Bathinda | Body Hair Transplant Cost in Bathinda

Hair Transplant in Bathinda | Body Hair Transplant Cost in Bathinda


    Important Key Factors to Consider about Body Hair Transplant

    One facet is the restoration of eyebrows, eyelashes, and moustache and beard hair by taking hair either from the scalp or from body parts. Another facet of BHT is the transplantation of hair in the bald areas of the scalp but donor follicles are taken from the body parts like chest, abdomen, arms, legs and other parts of the body.

    Body hair transplantation is generally done by the FUE method as it is the method of extracting individual follicles and leaves only tiny scars on the body that generally get healed with time. While considering the body hair transplant following key factors are kept in mind to get the higher rate of success.

    Ideal candidate

    Ideal candidate

    Same as the scalp hair transplant, BHT can also give the safe and optimized results only for the ideal candidates.  Although this method of hair restoration is suitable for all men and women candidates must have the good health to get the positive results of the surgery, moreover, doctors examine the few things before the BHT surgery such as

    1. Size of donor area on scalp and body
    2. The degree of similarity between body hair and scalp hair
    3. Length, texture, and colour of the body hair
    4. Hair density should be more than 40 FUs per cm2

    FUE for scalp differs than FUE for BHT

    Extraction of body hair is done more deliberately as the body parts have more laxity of skin so the for BHT single hair is harvested at one time whereas for scalp hair extraction one to 3 hairs can be extracted at one time. Moreover, body hair has the different texture and growth cycle than the scalp hair and even the length of both differs so the surgeon must keep all these things in mind while performing BHT FUE.

    Considering the differences

    Body hair differs than the scalp hair in texture, length, growth and even in colour and properties so all the point of differences should be kept in mind while performing BHT. Apart from this the scalp skin also differs than the body skin so there is also a difference in the extraction of the follicles. The efficient surgeon performs the BHT surgery by considering the differences point wise so that natural and permanent results can be given to the patient.

    Success factors

    1. BHT procedure can give the optimized results but its success depends on the few factors like
    2. the experience and skill of the surgeon
    3. designing the natural looking hairline
    4. precise extraction process

    precise implantation process