What Works Better For You, Medicines Or Transplant?



    Hair is a very important aspect of everyone’s lives, and I am sure all of you must love the crowing pride of your head. I don’t think there will be anyone who likes to get bald patches on their head. But, still, many men go through hair loss until they reach 50 years of age (some get bald even early than this). But, as we all know that nowadays we all live in such a phase which is abundant with new inventions and discoveries, every day we get to hear or see some of the other kind of medical discovery that has occurred. Talking about hair loss or baldness, there are two most important things which are getting popular day by day, one of them is taking medicines and the other one is getting a hair transplant done. It is up to you to see, which one of the two suits you better. Let’s quickly have a glance at the both of them

    I Visited The Doctor, And He Recommended Some Medicines For Me. Are They Going To Work?

    Have you been observing more hair loss, than what was earlier? You can initially start using medicines like dutasteride or something similar before you rush to have a hair transplant. As far as the question of medicines working on you or not, is concerned, it depends on person to person, to some people, the medicine might work and they might not at all need a surgery while for others medicines don’t have any kind of effect

    Have Tried All Sorts Of Medicines And Everything Else, Still There Doesn’t Seem Any Improvement In Hair Loss.

    You have tried all the shampoos whose ad fascinates you on TV, all the medicines, along with phototherapy or laser light therapy but nothing has worked in your favor, sadly. Now, is the correct time to get the best hair transplant in Punjab. The procedure is the best thing to do because it comes without any risks, is the most productive thing that can happen to your hair.


    Cost of hair transplant is not fixed, it has a lot of factors associated with it like, The hair transplant cost in India varies from doctor to doctor, place to place, individual to individual, and also from the type of treatment.