Some Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant Surgery

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant Surgery


    ASG hair transplant website post: Some Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant Surgery

    Will I be having scars or marks post surgery?

    The scarring can be avoided to a large extent by opting for FUE hair transplant. The reason for this is that there is the least scarring in FUE treatment. The patients undergoing FUE have visible red stabs, post grafts removal which is again planted in the desert area. They go away after a few days of surgery and thereafter there are no scars.

    I Am Quite Sensitive To Pain. How Will I Bear The Pain Caused By Surgery?

    No, there is least amount of pain involved, in this process It takes a lot of time while taking out and replanting the graft. Many patients, due to feeling relaxed just doze off while the process going on.

    Will My Hair Grow Back Post Surgery?

    It depends from person to person, for some the hair transplant work like magic and hair grows in leaps and bounds. While for others, it takes some time to grow.

    Will Hair Loss Again Start Post Hair Transplant?

    Hair fall is quite a natural process.  yes, there will be hair loss even after surgery. But, mostly your natural hair will be lost, rather than the transplanted ones. The transplanted hair will be permanent.

    What Are The Chances Of My Having One More Hair Transplant?

    Many times a single hair transplant only is sufficient, until and unless they have extreme hair loss. In case of a major bald issue, doctors don’t recommend getting a hair transplant done.

    What Are The Important Considerations For Patients Planning A Hair Transplant?

    • The surgeon who is going to perform your surgery- pick the best one, see if they have won any awards or anything of that sort.
    • Along with this also check the place where you wish to get it done.