Hair Texture and Hair Types – Difference Explained

Hair Texture and Hair Types - Difference Explained


    Like many others, do you also feel that your hair is listless, flat, along with being parched? Are they corkscrewed? Do they fall out much more than your expectations? If you answer ‘yes’ in any of these questions, then this article is for none other than you. We will let you know about hair texture and hair type, whether they are same or different from each other. Let us see.

    Hair Texture Refined:

    Hair texture means the border of hair. Whether fine, or thick.

    Fine Hair– Every person’s hair is thin and the hair consists of two coats, which are cortex and cuticle. It is not very easy to keep fine hair in any style and get it oiled easily.

    Using too many products overburden them, hence making them fall off quickly.

    Thick Hair consists of all three coats, cortex, and cuticle along with medulla. Thick hair gives the feel of a full head of hair. It is able to bear heat better than any other texture,

    But, then it takes ages to dry them and they get much corkscrewed in sticky weather.

    Hair Types Explained

    The type of hair you have meant if you have straight or curly hair. But again they fall under different sub-categories:

    1. Straight hair- Straight hair refers to fine hair. It gets prone to getting oily very soon. This can be further divided into:
    • Hair it is straight and fine. This is mostly found in Asian people.
    • hair is little thicker
    • Very thick hair
    1. Wavy hairs– it is usually thicker.
    • Hair is very wavy and can also be fine or thin.
    • hair is wavy and thickness also not very thick
    • hair is wavy and thick.

    Hair Loss Treatment:

    Since we have come to know about hair textures and types, let’s have a look at some of the treatments for hair loss since hair loss is not confined to just one type of texture or hair type and occurs to every type and texture of hair, like:

    • Coconut Oil
    • Green Tea
    • Aloe Vera
    • Onion Juice
    • Amla Oil
    • Vitamins
    • Essential Oils

    Using all of these in any form be it your diet or applying a mask out of these will work as the hair loss treatment to a great extent.