Hair Styling Tips After Going Through A Successful Hair Transplant

Hair Styling Tips after Going through a sucessfull hair transplant


    Many people who go through hair transplant surgery complain to their doctors that they do not get good results in their hair post hair transplant surgery.  The reason behind this is simple, all those who get hair transplant surgery done do not take care of their hair post surgery. They do not know how to properly wash their hair, styling is also an issue for them. So for all those people here are mentioned some tips for better hair care:

    What can be done for taking caring of hair post hair transplant?

    Many clinics recommend the patients to stay back in the hospital for 4 days. This is because the hospital gives proper care to the patients. The doctor will be putting the patients on a course of antibiotics, which will keep the patient infection free. Your doctor will also be providing you with shampoo, especially for your hair, along with a list of instructions to be done, once you are discharged.

    What are things to be avoided after surgery?

    Some things should be avoided during a hair transplant. Let us see some of them:

    • It is recommended to take a break of 20 days from work.
    • The doctors also advise patients not to swim for some days post surgery. This is because swimming pools have high levels of chlorine in them and chlorine is dangerous for hair.
    • Too much exposure to the sun is also not recommended.
    • Having alcohol is also not advised, during the recovery period.

    When is the best time to wash hair?

    You can wait for 2- 3 days from the day of transplant and then wash your hair given by your doctor. Wash hair as you normally wash them. You can use the shampoo for a month for maximum benefits. After which you can again switch to your normal shampoo.

    When is a good time to cut and style hair?

    You can get your hair cut after they start growing. Your hair will take around 3 months to start growing. But, final results are visible in a year’s time. You can cut your hair after a year if you wish to. After getting a hair cut done, your hair will start looking fresh, once again and you will easily be able to style them again.

    In case you still have any doubts about hair transplant, you can ask your doctor, who will guide you in the same.