How To Decide If You Need Hair Transplant Or Not

How to decide if you need hair transplant or not


    Hair transplant has been on the rise for a long time, now. Many people choose it over other hair loss treatments to get rid of hair loss. But, how does one decide to get the hair transplant done. The decision for getting a hair transplant done takes into account many things. Many things have to be thought before going for one. Let us get to understand the decision making process here.

    Hair Transplant Surgery

    The techniques in hair transplant have become very advanced. Both the transplants FUE and FUT are easily able to alter female or male baldness, to such an extent that no one ever comes to know if you were losing hair or not. There are many celebrities who have spoken about hair transplant, hence there is no more the embarrassment-factor which used to be earlier. The cost is all worth every penny spend, when a good surgeon does your surgery. Hence it is important to know the various types of surgeries and also the questions which you will ask a hair transplant surgeon before making the final decision.

    Some Causes Of Male Pattern Baldness

    Many men have to go through male pattern baldness in different levels. Growth of hair happens from follicles below the surface of skin and single hair can last up to 3 years before it again falls off. Male pattern baldness occurs when a modified form of testosterone begins to attack the hair follicles. This results in follicles becoming small and producing thin or short hair. As your healthy hair begin to fall off and are replaced by the weak ones, the hair on top begin to thin. Another thing which matters is genetics. If your family members had this problem, then you also are sure to inherit it from them.

    Some Causes Of Female Patter Hair Loss

    Hormonal changes in women are mainly to blame for this.

    FUE And FUT

    There are two types of hair transplant surgeries called FUT and FUE. In a FUE hair transplant, single hair follicles are taken out from donor area of scalp with a specially made tool. The individual follicles are then put into tiny cuts which are made in the site where hair loss is there.

    FUT Hair Transplant

    In this process a strip of hair is cut in FUT transplant. This strip is then divided into single follicles or small groups.