Common Questions about Derma Fillers

Common Questions about Derma Fillers


    Many patients have doubts regarding derma fillers. They are injections which are gaining the much-needed popularity day by day. They are mostly used for treating fine lines,  wrinkles, and loose skin. Here are some frequently asked questions listed by our team for your convenience. Do go through them and get your doubts cleared about the process before getting the surgery done:

    What Is Meant By Facial Fillers?

    Facial fillers are injectables which are used for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and many other traits of aging skin. It also provides patients with a smooth and young looking complexion.  Some fillers can work by filling in facial tissue. A lower down of facial tissue happens when the normal aging process starts. Fillers are mostly filled with Hyaluronic acid, the acid plumps up skin tissue. The acid is found in the body. It fills the body with moisture which results in a more younger looking person.

    How Do Sensitive People Tolerate Pain?

    Many people do not get the derma fillers because they think that they will hurt a lot. Most of the fillers are filled with lidocaine, which is a mild anesthetic which helps in reducing pain both during and post surgery. In case the amount of fillers used is more, then the patient might feel a little uneasy.

    What Are The Results Going To Be?

    The procedure is very safe and effective. Before you get the treatment, you will have a consultation with your doctor. You can tell them about which are your problem areas and why do you wish to get this treatment done. Your doctor will tell you how many injections will be injected. They will also ask you about any of your medical histories, to be sure that you are a perfect candidate for getting treated. After that you will be instructed on getting prepared for treatment, they will also tell you about things to avoid. You will have to avoid alcohol and some medicines for 10 days before getting treated. Before administrating the injection to the patient, the doctor will clean the area. You can also be given an anesthetic to comfort the area. After which some amount of filler will be injected below the skin. Patients get one or two syringes of the facial filler. The time taken per session is between 20–70 minutes. Patents after the procedure can easily get back to their work.