Still Confused About Which Hair Transplant Doctor To Choose? Read This

Still Confused About Which Hair Transplant Doctor To Choose Read this


    With the staggering statistics of people facing hair loss, it is not a surprise that the demand for hair transplant has gone up. Many people opt for other measures like shampoos, oils, and gels. If they fail to give results, people opt for medication. In case the medication   fails, the last resort is the hair transplant. So, if your dermatologist has suggested you to opt for the process, which things should you consider?

    The Clinic

    The clinic should be among the best you can afford. It should be able to offer the best facilities and ensure that the procedure is carried out hygienically and safely. It should also have the requisite apparatus for an emergency condition.

    The Two Forms Of The Procedure

    The procedure of hair transplant can be carried out in two ways –FUT and FUE.

    FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) involves extraction of a strip of the scalp. The hair roots are extracted from it and implanted on the recipient area. This process is not used very often these days as newer techniques have come to the forefront.

    FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) involves the extraction of the hair from the donor area in the form of grafts. The hair is then implanted on the recipient area.

    DHT (Direct Hair Transplantation) is another technique which is used for hair transplantation.

    The Best Doctor

    Of course, the whole show is in the hands of the doctor. So ensure that you are opting for the best hair transplant doctor you can afford. The more experienced ones will be definitely more expensive than the novice ones. But the money spent on an experienced doctor will definitely be worth the amount as a novice might botch up the whole process and you might end up with zero results even after spending a large amount of money.

    How To Choose The Right Clinic?

    1. Start by writing a letter to the clinic. Gauge how early they respond. Also, note if the answer is in the form of a template or has an individual element to it. It will be a pointer towards the way you will be treated as a patient.
    2. Be aware that this technique is only a decade old. So any clinic who claims that it has been performing it since the last 30 years is not being truthful.
    3. Ask the consultant about the research and development of the clinic. You will come to know whether the clinic carries out its own research or has the credit of gifting a new technology to the world. This way, you will have an idea of the level of expertise the doctors of the clinic have.