Early Signs of Thinning Hair

Early Signs of Thinning Hair


    Most of us are going to experience the issue of hair loss at some point in our lives. There is no doubt, that hair is one of the important parts for both men and women. Sometimes we don’t give proper care to it that it needs. We might be experiencing the issue of hair fall and sometimes it is pretty normal as well as temporary. In some cases, the problem becomes severe because we neglect the early signs. For this, we have mentioned those reasons so that you get to know the early signs of thinning of hair.

    • Receding Hairline

    One of the biggest sign that you will notice in the early stages is receding hairline. In the case of men, this is more prominent as compared to women. The hairline will start from the front and it moves back.

    • A huge clump of hair on the pillow and in shower

    On average, every person loses around 50 to 100 hair which is normal but more than this is not normal. When you wake up in the morning and see a huge clump of hair on the pillow this situation is not normal.  If you run your fingers in the hair then also there is excessive shedding of hair. Additionally, while washing your hair you find a clump of hair which is also one of the biggest sign

    • Difficulty in styling hair

    You like to try different hairstyles but now it is getting difficult to try new hairstyles. This is because the hair is getting thin every day.

    • Thin and dull hair

    Once you start facing the problem, you will notice that hair is becoming thin, losing its shine, and becoming dull. Unfortunately, this gives rise to hair fall as the hair follicles are becoming weak.

    • More scalp visibility

    In the case of women, they start losing hair from the top from where they part their hair. In men, the issue starts from the front. One of the possible signs is that you will notice changes in the parting of hair as it is becoming wider. Due to this, more scalp is visible as compared to normal.

    • Bald patches

    In case, you are experiencing the issue for past many years than either they will become very thin or you might have bald patches on the scalp.

    It is essential that you consult the doctor so that they can guide you about hair loss treatment and which one will suit you the best. In case if the problem is too much than the hair will be restored effectively and permanently with the hair transplant. The regrowth of hair with this method is proper as well as they look natural. So, make sure you consult the doctor as early as possible to start the treatment.