How lifestyle Impacts hair loss

How lifestyle Impacts hair loss


    Hair loss issue is becoming common in very common. It is also true that both men and women will experience this issue at some point in their lives. Over time you might experience that the problem is becoming more. No doubt, thinking about hair loss can give you stress and anxiety. Here are some lifestyle factors which affect the hair.

    • Exercise

    Doing exercise not only helps you to get fir but it is also great to relax your mind. There are many studies which have shown that exercise really helps in improving the general health. Additionally, it also helps the person to get relief from pain and any type of stress. But getting involved too much in exercise can affect the hair. This is because too much pressure is put on the body and hair follicles will become eventually. So, it would be best if you do exercise daily but do it in a proper manner. It would be best if you lower the number of days you train in a week. In case, if the problem is not going away then you should seek the help of a doctor for hair loss treatment.

    • Unhealthy diet

    We all know eating healthy food is not only beneficial for health but it also helps in hair growth. Not having a proper diet which contains all the nutrients and vitamins will leave a bad impact on the hair. Make sure your diet is proper so that the hair grows properly and they should stay healthy as well as strong. It is best if you include Vitamin B, C, A, magnesium, iron, and calcium in your diet. You must consult the doctor for treatment of hair transplant if the problem is getting in excess. The hair transplant surgery results are very effective as well as permanent.

    • Smoking

    Many studies have shown that smoking not only affects the health but it also leaves a negative impact on the hair. This is because the smoking product contains harmful substances like nicotine which affect the blood supply in the body. Moreover, the hormone production will be increased which will eventually affect the hair follicles. So, it is essential that you do not involve yourself in any type of activity which affects hair growth.

    • Consumption of Alcohol

    One of the reasons for hair loss is drinking. It is highly recommended that if you are facing the issue of hair fall then you should limit the use of alcohol. This makes the body dehydrated which will make the minerals to not work properly. This is why you should not drink as it makes the hair weak and dull.