Tips to Improve the Appearance of Hair transplant Scarring

Tips to Improve Appearance of Hair transplant Scarring (3)


    With technological advancements, the hair transplant treatment has improved a lot. This procedure effectively covers the bald area, tightens the scalp and scar problem is also solved. Although there is minor scarring which is not easily noticeable.

    The scarring linked with this procedure usually gets covered under the hair. When the patient undergoes the treatment of Hair Transplant in Punjab the surgeon makes sure they get the treatment plan according to their problem. In this article, we are going to tell you the ways to improve the scarring appearance in hair transplantation.

    Reducing the scar appearance

    The scars are not linked to the hair growth it is about taking care of the hair and reducing its visibility with time. The scars will get hidden and improved over time.

    • Avoid using certain products

    – Following the surgery, certain products should not be used like harsh chemicals and acids as they worsen the scars. Additionally, it is best that you use products that have harsh ingredients as they will damage the skin even more.

    – Use the product with a gentle formula as it won’t affect the skin. If you are not sure what to use then talk with your doctor.

    – The natural products will help the scalp to become moisturized and helps it repair properly. The bio-oil is one such product. But, keep in mind that every person’s skin is different so results can vary.

    • Harmful sun rays should be avoided

    – After surgery, you should avoid sunlight as they worsen the scar so protect the skin. Use SPF 30 or higher when you want to swim or do exercise to protect the skin scalp from UV rays.

    – The scar is small with FUE procedure but it should be paid attention. Taking care of the skin will ensure that the healing process goes smoothly.

    • Following the surgeon’s guideline

    After the treatment, the surgeon will give you guidelines that you need to follow to get the desired results.

    – the surgeon will prescribe you medications and product which you need to take and how. This way, it helps to ensure that the recovery is smooth and scar appearance is reduced.

    • Selecting the best hair transplant surgeon

    It is very essential that the surgeon you choose is skilled and experienced. This will ensure that the surgery is performed with precision so that scarring is minimal.

    – At times, when the person does not opt for a reputable surgeon it results in scarring. So, make sure you research properly while finding the surgeon. You should not take this lightly and follow the preventive measures properly to reduce the problem.

    If you worried about scarring the consult the surgeon what should be done. They will give you detailed information on what you should do and follow it properly.

    Proper skin care and attention will ensure that there is no problem with scarring. For more information, you should talk to the surgeon regarding your doubts or which treatment plan you need.