Factors which determine the patient is a good candidate for hair transplant

Good Candidate for hair transplant Punjab


    ASG Hair Transplant Centre Punjab: Hair transplant is one of the best methods which helps the patient to deal with the issue of hair loss. In case you are planning to get the treatment of Hair Transplant in Punjab then make sure you look for a qualified and experienced surgeon. In this article, we have shared the different factors which determine the patient is a good candidate for a hair transplant.

    • Success depends on hair thickness and shape

    The doctor determines the best candidate by identifying the hair caliber or cross-sectional area. The baldness is more common in the thinning parts due to absent hair or past sparse. When the hair is thick it will effectively cover the baldness. Also, the hair shape makes a lot of difference which means wavy or curly hair will give more coverage to the scalp.

    • Particular hair color is best with hair transplant

    Hair transplantation results are successful when the patient has lighter hair. The hair color is related to skin color. With less contrast between scalp color and hair, the candidate can get better results and this will give better coverage also.

    Make sure you choose the best doctor as they will examine everything in detail.

    • The Flexible scalp is better

    When the skin scalp is tight it can create a problem with the treatment. One of the main considerations is that the patient should have loose scalp so that the hair follicles can be inserted easily. If the patient scalp is tight then this method might not be best for you.

    • No scalp disease or alopecia

    Patients having a dermatological condition if they undergo hair transplant then it can waste money and time.

    Additionally, if someone has diffuse unpatterned alopecia then undergoing a hair transplant is not ideal. This will make the donor supply unhealthy and the person cannot undergo the surgery.

    • Cost factor is important

    When you decide to undergo the treatment the Hair transplant cost factor is important. You need to make sure you do not choose a cheap treatment plan. If you do so then the desired results are affected.

    The results with the hair transplantation are long-term solutions so make sure the first time you get it done in the right way. According to the graft requirement, the surgeon will let you know the cost of the treatment.

    What do you need to keep in mind?

    This is the last and most effective method to deal with hair loss. No doubt there are other options but it won’t give you desired results as you would have got with this method. So, it is best that you do not get stressed or feel nervous about how the surgery will be done. In the future when you see the hair growth you will feel confident, energized and more focused.