What are the topmost causes of hair loss and what is the best treatment option?

How lifestyle Impacts hair loss


    Hair loss can occur due to different causes. In some cases, the problem is temporary but sometimes proper treatment is needed to deal with the situation effectively. Ideally, it is best to undergo the treatment of hair transplant in Punjab. Not only is the treatment effective but it is available at an affordable cost.


    Wrong use of hair care products

    • Hair loss can occur due to excessive or wrong use of hair care products. In that case, you will not see hair fall immediately but with the time you will notice the difference. When you wash your hair frequently it can increase the problem.
    • Additionally, when you blow-dry your hair too often it can make it dull and weak. In the long run, the hair will fall out prematurely. It is best to avoid bad hair care habits which helps hair to grow back naturally.

    The key factor is to follow good hair care habits so that your hair is strong and shiny. The important factor is to choose natural ingredients which do not affect hair growth.

    Wrong diet plan affects the hair

    Eating disorders can result in hair loss at any age. If your diet lacks nutrients then it can damage the hair and hair roots. Although, in the beginning, the hair is flabby and they are not resilient.

    If the eating disorders continue for a long time, it can lead to gradual hair loss which can increase in the future. According to nutrient deficiency, the hair roots will also die. In the long run, the affected areas will get permanently bald. This is the reason, undergoing hair transplant treatment can solve the problem completely.

    Chemotherapy treatment

    Chemotherapy treatment triggers hair loss, but it cannot be considered as a direct result of baldness. In that case, the doctors can suggest opting for wigs and special head scarfs, till the time hair starts growing back again.

    After the treatment, hair growth can continue but it takes time. But, in some cases, the hair roots are dead. In that case, hair transplantation is the best treatment option.

    Autoimmune disease

    When the immune system starts attacking the healthy cells instead of protecting them it can trigger different health issues. One of them is hair loss or baldness. Just make sure to consult the medical health expert right away for the best treatment plan which suits your condition.

    Extreme stress level

    Stress is one of the main reasons for hair loss. Stress can affect hormonal balance and affect hair growth. In that case, the hair roots are damaged that leads to baldness issues, and sometimes it can be permanent. When stress is high level, and the problem gets in excess the best way is to undergo treatment of hair transplant.

    If you want to know more about the treatment then consult the doctor right away for the best treatment plan.