What are the crucial steps for the success of the hair transplant procedure?

What are the crucial steps for the success of the hair transplant procedure?


    The demand for hair transplant procedures is booming at skyrocket speed. But, the problem is that people are still now aware of the treatment and its working in the right manner. Undergoing the Hair Transplant in Punjab is the best choice for patients struggling with hair loss. The best part is the Hair Transplant Cost, and results. Investing in hair transplant treatment just once will ensure that the results last for a lifetime. On average, the treatment cost is around Rs 40,000 that is less in India as compared to the developed nations. For the success of the hair transplant procedure, here are some steps which you have to keep in mind.

    Steps for the success of Hair Transplant

    Step 1: Right Diagnosis and Planning

    When you plan for a hair transplant, you must get the diagnosis done properly. Knowing about the reason for hair loss is important to create the treatment for your condition. In case, your hair loss is continuous then it is essential to know about future hair loss. With planning, it will be easier to create a tailored treatment for your appearance, and most importantly, you will get a natural-looking hairline.

    Step 2: Safe graft extraction

    Graft extraction has to be done safely so that it does not cause any kind of further damage. Choosing the best hair loss experts will give you peace of mind that there will not be any negligence by them. No matter which method of a hair transplant they use, they will always make sure the graft extraction is done safely. Even in case, any hair graft is damaged, then that will not be used for the hair transplant procedure.

    Step 3: Correct storage of the harvested donor graft

    Have you ever thought, what increases the success rate of the treatment or why the best clinic stands out from the best? Well! That is because of the way grafts are kept at the optimal place. To boost the survival rate of the grafts and improve the results, the storage of the graft is done properly. These grafts are kept in a storage solution and at the right temperature. The implantation procedure is carried out once the hair grafts have been extracted. Our experienced surgeons have the skills and expertise to extract and preserve hair grafts safely.

    Step 4: Safe placement of the grafts

    With good storage, graft placement is important to boost the success of the hair transplant. When it is done correctly, it will help the grafts to be in the right place and the hair growth will be natural. As every patient’s condition is different, the doctor will consider your natural hair growth pattern, and all other conditions are kept in mind.

    Step 5: Taking proper care of your hair

    Following the surgery, you must take proper care of your hair. To do so, you need to follow the tips given by the hair expert like take the medications, visit for follow-ups, follow a healthy diet, and any other suggestion given by the doctor. By doing so, you will be able to see the desired hair growth within 8 to 12 months.