Are the results of hair transplant worth it during the winter season?



    4 seasons in India: Are you confused about which season is ideal to get a hair transplant?

    No doubt, the effectiveness of this treatment makes it worth getting in any season or time of the year. But, choosing a specific season to get the Hair Transplant in Punjab will make sure that the recovery goes as smoothly and quickly as it needs to. All those hair loss sufferers out there can be extremely benefited through the hair transplant and that too the results last for a lifetime.

    What are the reasons to get a hair transplant during the winter season?

    Well! The hair transplant demands commitment and care throughout the treatment. Why winters? The primary reason is you will stay indoors most of the time and no need to worry about sweating which makes the recovery go as smooth as possible. Additionally, sweating can even trigger the chances of infection.

    What is the problem with excess sweating during a hair transplant?

    It’s true winter is one of those seasons where sweating is not in excess. If that occurs, the different problems can come in right front of you like:

    • Sweating triggers clogged pores
    • Sweat makes it difficult for the hair to grow like normal
    • Chances of damaged hair follicles are more
    • If the pores get clogged then it can trigger pain & infection

    So, during winters the chances of sun damage are extremely less and the healing will go as smoothly as possible.

    Important Note!

    You must be careful about what you do or follow after the surgery. Hair Transplant Cost is one of the most important concerns among patients. So, when you are investing your money you have to be cautious about following the surgeon’s guidelines for the desired time.

    What are the tips to take care of yourself after surgery?

    Well! Here the concern is not just about the winter season, the post-recovery period is important in every situation and making sure all the tips given by the hair restoration surgeon are followed. Some of the tips which are required to be followed after the hair transplant surgery are:

    • Don’t get yourself indulged in an extreme physical regime

    This is important, otherwise sweating will occur which automatically affects the results. Following surgery, the body needs time to relax so make sure you provide it with the same. So, it’s better that you put a hold on the strenuous work regime after the surgery.

    • Keep the head elevated

    Your scalp has to be elevated a few days after the surgery. This approach allows the scalp to heal with ease and inflammation is also addressed.

    • Don’t use any chemical product on the hair

    Be it shampoo or conditioner it has to be free from chemicals. Otherwise, it can affect hair growth adversely and might trigger infection.

    Follow all the necessary suggestions given by the doctor

    If you have any problem or concern regarding the surgery then you should schedule an initial consultation at ASG Hair Transplant Centre and get yourself the expertise of an experienced & board-certified hair restoration surgeon.