Is Beard Hair A Good Option For Your Hair Restoration Surgery?

Beard to Scalp FUE Hair Transplant


    Hair loss can cause a lot of problems in one’s life. They lose a lot more than hair; they lose the validation of other human beings. It is essential to look good and feel good about oneself in this social jungle. This is why the trend of hair transplants is more blatant than ever before.

    And why must it not? With such advancement in the medical field, hair transplant is no longer a taboo that causes immense pain. They are coming out of this orthodox thinking and getting along with the thought of undergoing a hair transplant.

    But not everybody is eligible for a hair transplant. Yes, there are indeed criteria that you need to fulfill before going ahead with a hair transplant.

    Eligibility For hair Transplant

    Suppose you are thinking about going for hair transplant surgery because of immense hair loss or a receding hairline. Remember the restoration procedure could only occur if you are not suffering from any underlying condition that might cause complications in the healing process. Another reason for not being able to do Hair Transplant in Punjab is that the hair in the back or the side of your scalp is not as strong as you might have thought. If the doctor does take the hair follicles from the back of the scalp with the method of either FUT or FUE, there is a good chance that you would not notice good recovery or your expectation would not be met. In some cases, the weaker the hair follicles are, the least likely the doctor would suggest a hair transplant.

    What Can You Do?

    You can not sit and leave the dream of good hair behind because of weak hair follicles in your head. But what else can you do? Do not worry about it. With the help of advancement in the medical field; it is now possible to take hair grafts from other body parts, including beards.

    Reasons Why You Should Opt For Beard Hair As A Donor Option

    • Healthy option for donor supply

    Beard is known for providing at least 3000 to 5000 follicular grafts in a single sitting. The doctor performed this procedure by inserting invasive equipment up to 2mm deep to take the hair follicles. However, extracting the hair follicles is different from removing hair from the scalp hence the Hair Transplant Cost would also change as it is more challenging.

    • Offers outstanding density

    The hair follicles found in beard hair have twice more cuticle hair than that of hair follicles on the scalp. On general factor, the diameter of the hair follicles in the beard is about 125 microns compared to hair follicles found in the scalp, which has 69 microns. Also, on a demographical scale, in certain places like Asia, Africa, and Caucasians, the diameter of beard hair is up to 70% to 100 %on average, which is higher than the hair on the scalp in each of the said groups.

    For All Intents And Purposes

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