Everything you need to know about beard and moustache hair transplant

Getting a Beard Hair Transplant to become trendy


    Beard and Moustache Hair transplant

    The beard and moustache hair transplant is something that is included in facial hair transplant surgery in which individual hair follicles are taken from the back of the scalp and then transplanted where hair growth is less. The way Hair Transplant in Punjab is done makes it right in all ways and then the desired results are achieved. Restoring the hair in the right way is all possible through this approach. When you have a beard it means that the scar is hidden and there won’t be any kind of discoloration or pigmentation. In the face, the overall grafts to be transplanted count is 3000 hair grafts. So, for the facial hair transplant surgery the graft requirement is divided into the following:

    • 300 to 350 hair grafts for moustache
    • 600 to 900 hair grafts for a full goatee
    • 200 to 300 hair grafts for sideburn
    • 300 to 900 hair grafts for a cheek beard

    No doubt, the overall grafts count is dependent on what is your requirement and the same is evaluated by the surgeon. Depending on the same, the doctor will tell you about the Hair Transplant Cost which you need to pay for the treatment plan to achieve the necessary results.

    Which type of hair transplant technique is used?

    Well, the beard and moustache hair transplant is performed normally like the hair transplant treatment. There might be a few variations that can come along the way so that the affected area is addressed the way you want it to. The hair transplant technique used to effectively transplant the hair graft is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) in which the individual hair follicles are transplanted to the problematic area to address the specific issue that you have. The doctor will initially consider what is your requirement and accordingly proceed further to make it work.


    Once the treatment is done the beard hair grafts grow like normal. Moreover, you can treat them like normal which ensures the aftercare regime does not require any sort of necessary change. Although, after the surgery, you can expect some side effects like redness, swelling, infection, or bleeding. It’s important to ensure that the aftercare regime is followed the right way and if you notice anything strange then better take the expert guidance.

    Is a beard or moustache hair transplant right for me?

    No doubt, many would wonder whether it’s the right choice for them. Just like the scalp hair transplant, individuals want to get benefits through the beard hair transplant. To seek the benefit of this treatment plan, you simply need a good beard which needs to be maintained and grown the right way. Moreover, even your wish is to get a hair transplant for a beard to make your masculine look better. Even that can be done through the inventive option of hair transplant. So, if you are a suitable candidate for beard or moustache hair transplant if you have:

    • Bearded parts traced or burnt by some incident or even due to some surgical method
    • Cancer or any infection which affected the face
    • Facing the issue of alopecia areata on a long-term basis