Why Choose ASG Hair Transplant For Your Hair Loss Treatment?

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    India A Popular Hub For Hair Transplant Surgery 2022

    India is known for being the best choice for tourists because of its varied diversity and culture. But did you know it is also a perfect place to be chosen for your hair loss treatment? Yes, you read it right. Because of the modernization and the skills of the people- a deadly combination, let me tell you- it has become more accessible for people to opt for new advanced surgery in India. Apart from that, there are also many benefits of choosing India as its 1st option for the surgery of Hair Transplant in Punjab.

    But what makes it the best option is the question of the hour? 

    What Makes India The First Choice For Hair Transplant?

    There are many reasons that would sum up the reasoning and logic behind choosing this decision. 

    • Qualified Professional And Advanced Technology

    The 1st point that enters the mind while selecting a clinic for the hair transplant is to choose someone who is well skilled and knows what they are performing. Hair transplant is an intricate procedure that needs precise working, so it becomes a mandatory rule to choose a doctor with a lot of experience and one who is qualified for the job. In India, there is no scarcity of professional surgeons who can perform high-quality surgery with a natural outcome. So if you are thinking of undergoing the magic of hair transplant surgery, do keep in mind to keep us on your list.

     Cost-Efficient Yet Effective Results

    Another factor that makes our deal is the Hair Transplant Cost. Despite having highly advanced technology and skillful professional surgeons, the cost that you would have to pay per graft would still be less as compared to other countries. And do not think that the end result would not meet your expectation because of its affordable prices; instead, you would find better consequences than you might have anticipated.

     Availability Of All The Latest Procedure

    According to your condition and the causes of hair loss, the doctor would suggest you treatment. And most of the time, many clinics do not have the availability of all the major treatment procedures and equipment for the proceedings to begin. But not with us; we have different types of procedures that are required to perform various kinds of surgery. Be it FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

    In the FUT method, the doctor extracts the hair strip at once, either from the side or the back of the head. After the strip is removed, the doctor retrieves the hair follicles from it and transplants them back in the affected area, also known as the recipient area.

    Whereas in the FUE method, the doctor extracts the hair follicles one at a time for precise working from the back or the side of the head, which is also known as the donor site. It is then directly harvested back in the affected area. It is also a less invasive procedure.