Hair Loss: Its Common Symptoms, Treatments, And Prevention Tips

Hair Growth Tips And Treatments 2022


    Hair fall in moderate amounts is a regular occurrence that should not evoke any stress in a person. But if that hair fall does not follow up with new hair growth, you would have to change a thing or two for the better.

    This is the exact reason why in this blog, we are here to discuss the symptoms of such hair fall, its treatment, and tips to prevent it.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Hair Fall?

    Hair loss can either happen suddenly or gradually. Some of the hair loss is permanent, and on the other hand, some are permanent. Given below are the symptoms of hair loss in an individual:

    • Gradual hair loss in the receding hairline or forehead.
    • Loosening of hair.
    • Alopecia or circular bald patch.
    • Patches of scaling because of an infection.
    • Because of treatments like chemotherapy, you notice complete body hair loss.

    How To Treat Your Hair Fall?

    • Medication

    There are some medications like minoxidil that the Best Hair Transplant Doctor In Ludhiana recommends to their patient for hair regrowth. It is an over-the-counter medicine that is very beneficial for minor hair loss issues. That being said, be very mindful of its concentration level as its high dosage can lead to severe complications like irritation or acne on the scalp.

    Other such medicines include phenylephrine which is very helpful for the hair follicles to contract, which in short, prevents hair breakage.

    • Hair transplant surgery

    Another treatment for hair loss is hair transplant surgery. It is one of the most reliable and long-lasting treatments that people often choose to get rid of their bald patches or receding hairline. Also, the Hair Transplant Cost in India dep[ends on various factors like the number of hair grafts you want to transfer or the qualification of the doctor. This is the reason why it would be wise to discuss all the details with your doctor beforehand.

    A hair transplant is an extensive surgery in which the doctor retrieves the hair from the donor suite or the back or the side of the head and transplants it back into the affected or bald area.

    • Diet

    Another way to treat your hair loss is to follow and maintain a good healthy balanced diet that contributes all the nutrients in it, such as protein, vitamins, and other factors. Adding a protein-rich diet can help you with your hair growth.

    What Are The Hair Prevention Tips?

    Now let us move toward the hair prevention tips that would help you maintain a healthy hair growth:

    • Move to a more balanced diet.
    • Try to get a good amount of sleep.
    • Do not do any tight hairstyles.
    • You can consume some prescribed multivitamin tablets.
    • When you are out in the pollution, always try to cover your hair.
    • Try to steer clear of any hairstyling heating tool as much as possible.
    • To calm the mind, strengthen the roots and relieve stress, you can try a regular hair massage.
    • Try to avoid washing your hair with hot water as it could lead to hair fall. We always recommend you use cool water for your hair wash.