How is it beneficial to get PRP therapy after a hair transplant?

Benefit of PRP After Hair Transplant


    PRP therapy after hair transplant

    Be it, men or women, the problem of hair loss is nerve-wracking at times. On the journey to find different hair loss treatments, there are a lot of ups and downs that a person can face. One of the treatment options worth getting is a Hair Transplant in Jalandhar. The treatment not just magically transforms the hair health but takes the confidence to a whole other level. When you begin your journey to get surgery at the Hair Transplant clinic in Jalandhar, the doctor may suggest you get PRP therapy.

    No doubt, the results of hair transplant are effective in themselves. However, sometimes the patient hair loss severity can make the doctor suggest to undergo

    PRP Therapy in Jalandhar after hair transplant. PRP is an effective solution to help see hair growth, just like natural hair growth. Now, let’s make you understand the benefits of seeking PRP therapy after hair transplant surgery.

    PRP therapy

    PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, where concentrated platelets presence is higher in the blood. The platelets are extracted from the patient’s blood and processed further for added effectiveness.

    PRP therapy during hair transplant treatment

    PRP therapy use is dependent on different levels to notice desired results for hair growth. The possible reasons to use PRP therapy during hair transplant are:

    • Help to make weak donors and other areas strong. Therefore, better results with hair growth are possible.
    • The desired level of graft yield rate gets better for hair follicles.
    • There’s an evident reduction in transactional graft rate.
    • Helps the donor area to heal after extraction.
    • The recipient area gets healed

    What are the benefits of PRP therapy after a hair transplant?

    Some of the evident benefits that have increased the demand of getting PRP Therapy after a hair transplant:

    Benefit 1: Makes hair follicles viable

    When the hair follicles are removed from the donor area and transplanted back, hair follicles can lose it’s effectiveness. The possible reasons are:

    • The donor area is not wet enough that makes follicles dehydrated
    • During the transplant, extracting blood affects the nutrient count and oxygen supply to follicles.

    Benefit 2: Helps with tissue repair and healing

    Another surprising benefit is PRP therapy helps with tissue repair and aids in healing. So, the approach of PRP even works to make the result better and help you be at ease throughout the surgery. Some of the known benefits are:

    • Helps with healing and repair
    • Reduce injuries and scarring
    • Helps with new hair growth after transplantation

    PRP after hair transplant: Boost hair growth and confidence

    Do you feel like the procedure is right for you?

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