What Is PRP Therapy, Its Procedure, Side Effects, And Advantages?

A To Z About PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)


    Hair loss is a tension that does not knock on your door; it intrudes with no prior warning and stays with you for a long time until and unless you find the right solution for them. This is the reason why it is necessary to take good care of your hair in your daily life in order to avoid such situations. But certain things are not in your hand. You will indeed have to play by the faith and wait for some other option like Hair Transplant In Punjab to restore your hair. It is a perfect way to help you restore not only your hair but also your confidence back. An ideal solution with no repercussions.

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    It is indeed an essential revolutionary phenomenon that has struck some unique ways to accommodate the needs of hair restoration. Whether surgical or non-surgical, medical advancement has found different ways to help you restore your hair. One Of such techniques that is not only popular but very efficient is PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy which is a non-surgical procedure. For the surgical procedure, FUE Hair Transplant In Punjab is undoubtedly the most reliable option. 

    What Is PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy?

    PRP therapy is basically a cutting-edge treatment that requires the doctor to use the platelet from your body in order to stimulate new hair growth. In short, the whole power of the PRP therapy relies on the necessary nutrients and also a growth factor that your platelet might contain. 

    What Is The Procedure Of PRP Therapy?

    In this procedure, during the PRP therapy, the doctor will begin the process by drawing a small amount of blood. After that, the doctor places the blood in the centrifuge in order to separate the platelet from the rest of the blood. After this section, the professional uses this platelet-rich concentrate to make the plasma for the treatment.

    What Are The Side Effects Of PRP Therapy?

    Now let us move to the side of the PRP therapy; as the doctor has used your own blood, it is pretty natural to have one. It is not as common as you think, as PRP therapy is a pretty safe treatment. But when it does happen, this is the most given side effect that includes discomfort or even soreness at the injected or affected sites. 

    What Are Advantages Of PRP Therapy?

    That being said, there are also some good parts of PRP theory. One of such is that you would not have to wait for long hours and can leave the hospital within an hour. Apart from that, you do not even require any downtime and can get back to your regular activities within no time. 

    Final Comments

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