Reason For Selecting Beard Hair For Hair Transplant Surgery In Punjab

Beard Hair An Option For Hair Transplant Surgery


    A hair transplant is an efficient option for patients struggling with hair loss. But the struggle does not end there! You would require to be the right candidate in order to undergo surgery in a Hair Transplant clinic In Punjab.

    There are many patients who are not the right candidate for hair transplant surgery as they do not have strong donor hair or due to some other reason. So what can one do at such a point in time? Simple, just go for a beard hair transplant and solve the problem.

    Now you would not have to be hopeless or sad about the circumstances. Instead, enjoy the new technology and the introduction of beard hair transplant surgery: a boon for many hair loss patients.

    With the advancement in technology, it has made it easier for the Hair transplant Surgeon in Jalandhar to replace or implant the new hair in the affected or bald area by retrieving it from the beard.

    In this blog, we are going to talk about the reasons why using beard hair is an excellent option for hair transplant surgery. 

    Reasons For Selecting Beard For Hair Transplant Surgery

    • It is a healthy donor supply

    For the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) harvesting technique, a beard can give almost 3000 to 5000 grafts of hair follicles for transplant surgery. This is the reason why they automatically become a reliable option after your scalp for the hair loss treatment. With the help of sharp punches and shallow insertions, the doctor goes up to 2mm deep to retrieve the follicles.

    Now you should know that harvesting hair from the scalp is different from harvesting hair from the beard, and thus it can be challenging at times too. There is a lot of variation in the angle by the doctor removing the beard, and keep in mind it is different from exiting the scalp. The doctor needs to find the right angle in order to have a successful hair transplant.

    Another factor that plays a significant role is the hypermobility of the skin where the beard is growing. This factor is not present at the time of the hair transplant from the scalp hair. This is the reason why it is essential to have a hair transplant surgeon who is experienced in extracting the donor hair not only from the scalp but also from other sources, including the beard. 

    • It provides exceptional density.

    Unlike the hair on the scalp, the hair in the beard has almost twice as much cuticle layer in them as a hair follicle. The hair on the scalp has an average diameter of 69 microns which is low compared to the beard’s average diameter, which is almost 125 microns. This factor helps in providing better density or volume to the transplanted hair. To top it off, when we observe different types of racial groups, such as Asian, African, and Caucasian, you will see that the beard hair diameter, on average, is at least 70 to 100 % more than the hair on the scalp for each group.