Hair Transplant and PRP Therapy: How effective are these two together?

Hair Transplant and PRP Combined Approach


    Hair transplant and PRP: Is it possible to combine them?

    In the world of hair restoration, the two major treatment options that are shining like a bright star are Hair Transplant and PRP therapy. Most individuals have heard about the option of hair transplant and PRP, but many are unaware that these 2, when combined, bring a huge difference in hair health. The only thing you have to do on your end is look for a known surgeon who can guide you towards the practical approach of hair transplant and PRP Therapy in Jalandhar to address hair loss.

    Benefits of combining PRP and Hair Transplant

    Benefit 1: Economical cost

    Undoubtedly, the Hair Transplant Cost in India is already on the economic side. On average, the treatment costs Rs 40,000. Even if you get the combined PRP therapy, the cost will be under your budget. Obviously! If you get both treatment plans separately, you must pay more than required. So, it’s better to enjoy the benefits of both the treatment at once and save your hard-earned money.

    Benefit 2: Help you achieve desired hair growth

    If the doctor has suggested you get FUT Hair Transplant In Punjab, you should ask him whether it’s right for you to get PRP therapy along with the treatment. The combined approach helps you achieve the fuller-looking hair growth you have been looking for all this while.

    Benefit 3: Reduced Complications

    Are you looking for a treatment plan that’s safe and effective? Well, both the options of hair transplant and PRP therapy, when combined, make the utmost difference. There’s no doubt a massive difference as complications and after-recovery are much more accessible than already.

    Benefit 4: After-care is easier

    If you think about getting the treatment separately, you must follow an after-care regime for both. Obviously! The time required for both options to see the results will vary. The surgeon will better tell you how you need to take care of yourself. The combined approach makes it easier to recover from the entire procedure and have results as required.

    Benefit 5: Expertise makes everything smooth

    Most importantly, the surgeon’s expertise makes everything much better and more effective as the surgeon has been by your side since the start, so you are all informed as to what to do and how each step of the treatment will be carried out. The surgeon’s expertise is something that you need to trust for desired results.

    Schedule your initial consultation

    In case there is any doubts on your mind, then you better talk to the surgeon about the same. Book your initial appointment at the earliest for further information and to know about the cost of hair transplant & PRP.