Understand the long-lasting impact of botox and filler treatment

Detailed Guide On Botox And Fillers


    Botox and filler treatment

    The world of cosmetic surgery is getting better and better with time. The way treatment works and offers the results makes it the most elite choice to improve the overall appearance. Whether you wish to get dermal filler or Botox Treatment in India, you need to get the expertise of a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who can guide you about the procedures in detail.

    What does botox do?

    Botox injection works because the presence of Botulinum Toxin Type A makes it all effective. Most importantly, these are perfect for muscle relaxation and work effectively against different scenarios.

    How long do the results of botox last?

    Botox is effective for wrinkle treatment when there are continuous muscle contractions. The botox does it by blocking the nerve signals and reducing the age lines and wrinkles. The botox injection lasts for around 3 to 4 months.

    In which areas can botox be used?               

    Surprisingly, many think that botox is only effective for crow’s feet. Other than that, it can work for the laugh lines, forehead lines, upper face area, frown lines, forehead lines, bunny lines, around eyes, brow lift, hooded eyes, lower face, lipstick lines, lip flip, chin dents, neck wrinkles, and many other body parts.

    Am I a suitable candidate for Botox?

    To understand if you can enjoy the benefits of botox or not, you need to get the medical assistance of a cosmetic surgeon. The suitable candidate for botox are:

    • Someone with moderate to severe wrinkles
    • Has good overall health and don’t have any neurological problem
    • Problem of wrinkles
    • Know the way botox provides results and works
    • Have realistic botox expectations

    If someone is breastfeeding, pregnant, or undergoing a severe medical condition, they cannot choose botox as their cosmetic treatment plan.

    Dermal filler treatment

    The dermal filler treatment is another cosmetic procedure that improves the natural appearance. It’s a gel-like substance that helps to plump the desired body part when injected precisely. The dermal fillers are one of the safest treatments to undergo because of the variety of ingredients it has:

    • Collagen
    • Temporary gel solution
    • Hyaluronic acid

    Dermal fillers offer temporary results to fix the specific problem. The results last for around 6 to 12 hours. The dermal fillers are available in different types. So, your cosmetic surgeon will suggest to you the appropriate choice to address the concern that you have.

    Am I a suitable candidate for dermal fillers?

    When you are planning to get fillers, make sure to consult the doctor on whether you can get the procedure or not. Ideally, the most suitable candidate for dermal fillers are:

    • Overall healthy
    • Do not smoke
    • Thinning or thin lips
    • Know the importance to take care of the skin to see the results
    • Undergoing severe or moderate collagen loss in the face

    If you have a skin infection or have recently undergone a particular skin treatment, you are not allowed to get the same.