Some common questions about hair transplants that often come into people’s mind

hair transplant


    Can we stop hair loss? This question puts people into a dilemma due to the rapid growth in the problem of falling or breaking hair. However, nowadays, you can protect your hair permanently by having the benefit of Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, such as Fut, Fue, Sapphire, and so forth. These are the latest inventions of medical technology to deal with constantly breaking hair or baldness.

    Moreover, the hair transplant expenditure depends on different factors such as the type or cause of the hair fall, the number of graft requirements, the patient’s previous health history, etcetera. Generally, Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab lies between fifty thousand to one lakh.

    When to opt for a hair transplant?

    Well, this is a general question that people often ask hair experts. If you are facing more than a hundred hair strands on your comb or pillow in the morning while waking up, you have to consult with a well-experienced and qualified hair specialist who will first find the root cause of your problem and then offer appropriate treatment.

    Which hair transplant should you opt for?

    Well, this is the decision of the patients and their doctors. Your doctor may know better under which procedure you must implant hair on your bald scalp. Following are the methods from which you can select the best one:

    FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): Fue is one of the most used techniques by people to treat their scalp baldness or bald spots. During this procedure, a doctor first harvests donor hair from the backhead in the form of grafts (each graft contains three to four hairs) and stitches these grafts on the hairless scalp to cover it. This hair transplantation does not cause severe scars on your scalp and permanently confers natural-looking hair.

    FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): This hair transplant technique is popular among individuals but less than Fue hair transplantation. Under this technique, the donor’s hair gets from the backside of your head in the shape of long strips, leaving the area with visible scars. After strip extraction, these strips directly stitch on the hairless scalp by forming some cuts to connect the hair follicles with scalp roots. It will also confer persistent and natural-looking hair results.

    Sapphire hair transplantation: It is a recent invention of the medical industry. This technique works similarly to an FUE hair transplant. Some people take it as a new version of FUE hair transplantation. The difference is it uses a sapphire blade to perform the donor hair extraction. It is considered very useful for people with allergies to metal blades and a risk of infection in their scalp.

    In conclusion, treating your falling hair has become straightforward due to the exceptional advancement in the medical field. Keep in touch with us via the official website to know more about our treatment plans.