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FUE Hair Transplant Results

FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)In Fue hair transplant we use an automated extraction tool with the help of which we can extract the hair follicles from the donor area of the head and then transplanted to the bald area of the head. In Fue with the help of extraction tool there is no scar, no need of stitch i.e It is also called the scarless, bloodless, cutless technique and this technique is one of the best technique because it has very good results. In Fue One thing we have to take care that the donor area should be good if the patient has less donor area then we go for Body Hair Transplant. if you type the keyword FUE Hair Transplant in India then you will find our website and there you can contact to our experts and take guidance regarding hair surgery.

FUE Hair Transplant & how it can help you overcome baldness

Some of you may be tired of hair fall or a bald head that is widely recognized amidst your pals. Hair loss is a term given to the situation of persistent thinning and disappearance of hair. This situation is further characterized by a slower growth rate that may end as more follicular stems degenerate.

A hair transplant in India is the utmost solution and specifically FUE

The specialized hair transplant technique performed by surgeons of great artistry has the strongest stand compared to other hair restoration techniques. 60% of hair transplant surgeries performed annually are FUE hair transplant surgeries. The procedure is less invasive and offers a friendly recovery period.

This is what FUE is!

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the latest hair transplantation technique introduced with the major aim of enhancing hair transplant results and as well provides amiable hair restoration services. An FUE hair transplant in India is perceived as a modern technique with standard practices.

FUE is a surgery and a surgeon obtains healthy and individual hair follicles from the donor area with the help of a micropunch and implants them in the bald portion. The technique has produces 80% quality results in patients.

How does the FUE technique work?

Local anesthesia is administered before the process and you will perhaps read a magazine or listen to music. The highly qualified surgeon must have explained to you the procedure during the consultation, but let’s take a quick peruse

Since it is a minimally invasive technique, the surgeon will use a micropunch of less or 1.5mm to extract hair follicles from the donor area. Some patients suffer from limited donor areas, meaning that the surgeon will have to extract hair follicles from the rest of the body i.e. mustache, chest, beards or the legs.

The hair follicles are further transferred from the reservoir to the recipient area. During the implantation process, the surgeon uses a microscope to insert the individual hair follicles in groups of 1, 2s, or more to produce natural and real results.

PRP Therapy may be performed with the FUE technique to provide more beautiful results. The treatment speeds up the recovery period and it assures one of healthier and stronger hair alongside an increased growth rate.

What happens after the procedure?

A little bruising will be witnessed with bleeding. This vanishes after a week with the help of painkillers provided by the surgeon.

The surgeon will have to place a bandage on every donor area on the body, for example, the beards or the chest for a few hours to provide a quicker healing process.

Try to follow the doctor’s instructions to avoid complications

FUE & FUT, how do they differ?

FUE hair transplant in India is a promising technique than FUT hair transplant. The strip method is associated with more pain and above all, it is a traditional method

FUE gives more results than the strip method. Results in FUE are always undetectable and as well as pleasant to the patients

There are dot scars, very small in sizes that are unnoticed in most cases, but the FUT technique leaves a longer linear scar.

The patient is assured of a shorter recovery period with the FUE technique than with the FUT method

Are FUE hair transplant results the same?

FUE hair transplant results are always better, but also vary with patients since patients have a different hair quality, color, density, diameter, and scalp types. The surgeon will have to make a thorough examination to plan for the procedure.

Depending on the results of the survey, the surgeon will place the hair in the right angle, direction, and groupings to create a good density.

Do I need to use any treatments after a hair transplant?

Some do, whereas others don’t but the best answer comes from the surgeon depending on your type of hair loss and baldness. Some anti hair fall shampoo, conditioner, and oil are enough to keep their hair stronger and healthier while some may have to use Rogaine to prevent further hair loss

Therapies are highly friendly after an FUE surgery in order to forget about hair loss. It is only the surgeon to speculate the need for further treatment and which treatment and which treatment would be the best for you

Where should I have an FUE hair transplant?

ASG hair transplant centre is the only centre trusted for the excellent results in modern hair transplant techniques like FUE procedures. The experts at the clinic guarantee you of the best results due to the high skills used. The centre offers hair transplantation services as well as care tips for the results after the surgery.

They are the best in providing FUE hair transplant in India with no hair wastage, no complications, less scarring, and no botched surgeries.

Hair Transplant Results

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