Giga Session Hair transplant

Giga Session Hair transplant

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Giga Session Hair transplant

The concern has led the hair transplant experts like at ASG hair transplant centre to devise different solutions to hair loss. This means that techniques like Giga session or Mega session are used in hair transplantation to provide more hair grafts in cases of extreme baldness and when the donor area is limited

What is Giga Session Hair transplantation?

It is a procedure that makes use of both Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). This procedure alone allows the surgeon to harvest more than 5100 hair follicles

What is Mega Session Hair Transplantation?

It is a procedure where Follicular Unit Extraction and Body hair transplant is performed to attain the required hair grafts. Hair is extracted from the arms, chest, and the beards and at least 4400 hair grafts can be attained.

The Giga session is the commonly preferred procedure, so when is it recommended?

  • The clinic must be highly equipped and with an experienced surgeon and a good team
  • The surgeon and the team must be capable of completing the procedure in one session
  • The instruments like the implanter and the dissector must be fast. The implanter alone must attain at least 410 grafts in an hour whereas the dissector must achieve at least 290 grafts in an hour.
  • The surgeon must have forecasted that the combination of these procedures will provide the needed hair grafts
  • The patient must be well-informed about the procedure before it is conducted and has to be a good candidate

The Procedure of Giga Session at ASG Hair transplant centre

The Giga Session Hair transplant is mainly divided into two procedures namely;

The Strip Procedure

  • The expert, having devised the hair grafts that will be collected in every procedure, he removes a strip from the back of the scalp with a length that will facilitate the required number of grafts
  • The strip is taken to be dissected under a microscope and each graft is maintained with the tissue until it is transplanted

The FUE procedure

  • The surgeon with the help of his team extracts individual hair follicles from the scalp.
  • A Micro punch 0.8 or less in diameter is used to make small incisions in the bald region.
  • Finally, the grafts from both procedures are transplanted into the incisions made in the bald area with artistry techniques.

The advantages of having a Giga session

  • A Giga session provides more hair grafts in the case where a patient is badly affected with hair loss and has a poor or limited donor area
  • A Giga session may be accomplished in two sittings in case a patient has limited time in the first round
  • One will achieve higher hair coverage since the hair will cover the whole bald area
  • Reduces the chances of getting many hair transplants in the future

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