Hair Loss Overview

Hair Loss Overview

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Analysis of Hair Loss

Each hair stand grows approximately 1 centimeter per month. Around 80-90 percent of hair are growing on one’s scalp at a particular time frame. You can do paper test to detect the hair fall. Take a plain white paper and comb your right head and see how many hair strands fall out on white sheet. Then repeat the same process for your right head. Do this process ion the same way for 1 week and note down the stats in your diary. After a week, analyzation phase begins, if on average 1-3 strands will fall during coming then there is no hair loss. If on average, 4-10 hair strands fall then your hair fall has just started. If 10-20 on average hair strands are falling then hair fall rate is very severe. In that case, even if bald patches have not started appearing on head, even then one should consult doctor and go for hair transplant or some hair therapy – according to the problem identified by hair expert.

HAIR LOSS IN MEN Hair loss is very common in men. In men, usually hair fall is in the form of a permanent pattern and it is same for all. This problem of men is related to very much genes in them. This problem can be attributed thus as hormonal problem or simply sex related hormone. This problem usually progresses with age. As a man grows old, he gets bald. So we can attribute this problem with testosterone level in men.

The name of this pattern problem in male is male pattern baldness. Sometimes, due to hereditary factors hair loss also happens for e.g. father, elder or small brother facing hair loss issues can also show that a man will definitely face the similar problems.

Some young men, due to increased amount of pollution and stress level s and poor dietary intake have started facing this problem. The problem in youth is very extensive and thus very tough to curb.

Hair loss in men usually begins with the receding front line of the head. First forehead line will recede and triangular type of hair loss will begin from forehead. And if hair fall becomes severe, then from the centre-top of the head, hair level begin to decline and half or sometimes more than half of the head goes bald.

You can check the Norwood scale as defined in image above to check your hair fall baldness level. Or you can also check your hair transplant level from this link.


Hair loss in women is known as female pattern baldness. Though women are victims of hair fall problem but not noticeable until the baldness pattern happens in them, which is defined in the image below. This pattern usually occurs in women facing hereditary problems or some problems in the genes sometimes. Irregular or poor hygiene care can worsen the problem further.

Other possible causes that interfere with hair growth, health and wellness are medication, illness, infection and chemicals. These problems stop the hair from being formed properly.

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