Hair Loss Overview

Hair Loss Overview

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    Hair loss overview

    Are you dealing with hair loss? Is a brush with many strands stuck in it a common sight? Are you scared of combing your hair because you might lose hair? If that is the case, read on. While losing some strands a day is quite normal, losing more than the average amount means you are also a victim of hair loss.


    Hair fall in men could be due to genetic reasons. It could also be due to the level of testosterone in them. The primary reason for hair fall in men is due to male pattern baldness. Some other reasons may hold the key to hair loss. Men with poor dietary habits are likely to face hair fall. It could also arise from high-stress levels. The high level of external pollution is also one of the main culprits which can trigger hair loss.

    The pattern of hair loss in men can usually be seen with a receding hairline. The receding hairline will proceed and a bald patch in a triangular form can be seen beginning from the forehead. As the hair fall intensifies, the bald patch goes up to half the head and sometimes more than half is covered by baldness.

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    Women often face female pattern baldness. The hair fall pattern is such that the women are unable to notice it until much damage has already been done. The hair starts thinning and depleting but the bald spots are not visible. Instead, they can feel the widening of their parting. This type of hair loss is also related to genetic factors. Other factors might also be responsible for hair loss. If the general health of the woman is not good, then it will show in the form of hair loss. Women with poor hygiene are likely to face hair loss problems. Certain infections might also result in hair loss. Women can also experience hair loss due to side effects of some medicines.


    We have already mentioned the method of measurement of hair loss rate. If the numbers are worrisome and you want to ensure that you have enough hair on your hand when you are old, you will have to avail treatment methods. Cosmetic preparations and medicines are available for this purpose. If nothing seems to work out, the last resort is, of course, hair transplant.

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    How much do you lose?

    To determine the exact rate of your hair loss, we have got a good way to test it. Take a plain sheet of white paper and place it on your shoulder. Comb the right side of your hair. Note how many strands you lose while combing. Repeat the same exercise for the other side. Do the exercise for a week and determine how many strands you lose when you comb your hair. If all you lose is 1-3 strands, you are safe as you have a normal rate of hair loss. If you lose 4-10 strands, then your hair loss is in the initial stages. If you lose  10-20 strands, then the rate of hair fall is severe and you need to take up treatment on an urgent basis, otherwise, you will end up as a bald person.

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