Cost of Hair Transplant

Cost of Hair Transplant

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How ASG Hair Transplant Centre breaks down the Cost of Hair Transplant

The question about the cost of a hair transplant is automatic when it comes to hair transplant procedures. There are different techniques and so the procedures which make hair transplant costs complicated at times for some patients. FUT and FUE are two main techniques utilized by the surgeon to carry out a hair transplant. Nevertheless, a hair transplant cost will also be determined by the number of sittings required and the grafts needed.

Considering the leading hair transplant centre (ASG), different aspects are looked at before the procedure. During an examination, the surgeon at the leading centre is able to calculate the number of hair follicles needed and more than 3000 hair follicles can be extracted in one session.


While calculating the cost of a hair transplant, the following factors are considered at ASG hair transplant centre and perhaps in other centres.

  1. The type of the technique

Basing on the fact that FUE is an advanced hair transplant technique; its cost is always more elevated than the FUT technique. This is regardless of the country visited or the clinic.

  1. The extent of baldness

Normally grade III & IV require less grafts and that means that one will spend less cash on extraction and their implantation. Any baldness level beyond this level automatically exaggerates the cost than the normal.

  1. Means of extraction

The Robotic way of extraction is an advanced procedure where hair grafts are extracted by a robot. This is done in more advanced clinics since the technology is extremely expensive and requires large expertise.

  1. Cost per graft extracted

We charge a favorable amount per cost extracted and that only goes around RS.30. Other factors like the nature of the hair and the complications to watch out for while extracting the hair follicles can hike the cost per graft going to RS.50 or more.



Follicular unit extraction is a minimally invasive procedure where a micropunch of 0.7mm or 1mm is used to extract individual hair follicles from the donor area which may be the scalp or the rest of the body, such as the chest, beards and the legs. Let’s look at the possible cost:

NO. of hair grafts Cost per graft Service Tax Total cost In case of extra charges
1000 and less RS.40 RS.5000 RS.46,000 RS.5,000
1600 RS.40 RS.7000 RS.71,000 RS.8,000
2000 RS.40 RS.8000 RS.88,000 RS.9000
2500 RS.40 RS.10,000 RS.110,000 RS.10,000
3000 RS.40 RS.12,000 RS.132,000 RS.11,000
3500 RS.40 RS.14,000 RS.154,000 RS.13,000
4000 RS.40 RS.16,000 RS.176,000 RS.15,000

The hair follicles can also be extracted and implanted in different sittings in case of extreme baldness where more hair follicles are required.


The follicular unit Transplantation is also known as the strip method and the hair follicles are extracted in the form of a strip. The strip is dissected to achieve individual hair follicles, which are implanted into the tiny incisions in the bald region. Let’s have an overview of the FUT cost.

Strip/ No. of grafts Extraction charges Dissection Charges Service Tax Total cost In case of extra charges
1000 and less RS.10,000 RS.20,000 RS.5,000 RS.35,000 RS.3000
1500 RS.12,000 RS.25,000 RS.7000 RS.44000 RS.7000
2000 RS.14,000 RS.30,000 RS.9000 RS.53,000 RS.10,000
2500 RS.17,000 RS.36,000 RS.15,000 RS.68,000 RS.15,000
In case of more grafts A new plan is devised Body hair transplant may be considered



Body hair transplant is a procedure performed using the FUE technique. During the session, hair follicles are extracted from the body to the scalp or from the scalp to the facial regions to correct the eyelashes, eyebrows, mustache or achieve a fuller beard. The cost of body hair transplant normally goes between RS.50, 000 to RS.80, 000 depending on the region to be worked upon.


A robotic hair transplant is simply a procedure performed by a robot. In some clinics, the robot only extracts hair follicles under the observation of the surgeon whereas in others, the robot will extract the hair follicles and as well implant them. Since it is an advanced procedure aimed at achieving perfect results, one must expect to spend more than 1 lakh to get this particular procedure. In other cases a discussion is vital with the surgeon for a reduction in the cost.

Should you choose a hair transplant clinic basing on the cost alone?

Absolutely no! Though it is to a patient’s advantage that he or she gets an opportunity to get a hair transplant, let not the charges in at any centre be the most important factor. Other factors have to be considered such as;

  • The surgeon’s artistry, aesthetic skills, experience, and results
  • The norms at the clinic- the clinic must be of a good standard
  • Are the technicians or surgeons hired or full-time surgeons at the clinic?

Much as one wants to eradicate that bald, consider the possible results at a certain centre to live the coming years satisfied with the results or otherwise.

What do I do if I don’t have the full amount in cash?

At ASG hair transplant, it is our main goal for every patient to live happier after a hair transplant procedure. A hair transplant cost at our centre is absolutely cost-effective and affordable, but if there are cases where a patient finds constraints towards affording the hair transplant a payment plan is given.

Why Choose ASG Hair Transplant Centre?

Considering the results so far achieved, we entirely boast of the expertise used at our centre. Our state of the art centre uses advanced technology in performing hair transplant procedures that are less scarring, and no pain.

ASG conducts diagnostic procedures in detecting the type of alopecia after which treatment is given to the patient. Our surgeons are experts in the hair transplant field and we ensure that you receive the best care and treatment fully worth every penny you spend.

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