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Hair Transplant in Men new

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Hair Transplant in Men

Hair Transplant in Men & in India: We can all agree that hair transplant procedures had a different reception in the past, unlike today. Today, millions of men, including women undergo hair transplants without having to worry about what others might say or do. The fact is that baldness or hair loss in men as well as in women is stressful and one can’t deal with it alone. There are both surgical and non-surgical ways of tackling hair loss, but hair transplants (surgical) have taken the lead.

What is a hair transplant in India?

It is a surgical technique where hair is removed from the donor part of the scalp to the recipient part that is experiencing hair loss. Hair transplant procedures have become common today due to the stunning results that they give patients. In addition, technological advancement has also played a pivotal role in making hair transplants successful. Hair transplant procedures are taken to be a permanent solution to hair fall because they are no longer complicated as they used to be decades back. There is no difference between the existing hair on the scalp and that one which grows after a hair transplant procedure.

Hair Transplant Techniques for Men

There are mainly two types of hair transplant techniques used to restore hair on the scalp. These are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) also known as FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery)

1. The Follicular Unit Extraction- FUE

It is a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure where hair strands are individually harvested from the donor area with the help of a specialized needle and then implanted into the slits made in the recipient region. This procedure allows the surgeon to extract almost 5000 hair follicles in one sitting. There isn’t any linear scar created after the procedure, except small scars in the form of dot marks.

2. Follicular Unit Strip Surgery or FUT

In this procedure, the surgeon cuts a strip of hair follicles from the donor area, dissects it and then implants the hair grafts into the small incisions made in the recipient region of the scalp. This procedure leaves behind a linear scar, but its visibility can be reduced by the use of different cosmetic treatments plus the surgeon can stitch the wound in the way that it is covered with the nearby hair.

Before the Procedure

A good consultation must be performed to evaluate the eligibility of the patient. During this session, the surgeon examines both the donor area and the recipient area.

The surgeon determines the following;

  • The type of hair transplant technique suitable
  • The thickness of the hair
  • The type of hair loss and its extent

The procedure of Hair Transplant in Men

1. Anesthesia administration

The surgeon numbs the scalp or gives an injection of local anesthesia to make the procedure pain-free. In some clinics, there are technicians who particularly specialize in general anesthesia administering to avoid its complications.

2. Extraction of Grafts

The surgeon selects the strongest hair grafts to be used. They are harvested depending on the technique used. The grafts are properly handled to avoid damaging them

3. Transplanting the hair follicles

The grafts are then fixed into the slits made in the recipient region. This is done while observing the direction and the position of the hair to produce natural looking results.

The results of hair transplant in Men

  • Hair Transplants yield more results when performed by an expert
  • There will be no more worry about hair loss
  • The results are long lasting
  • The results are natural and the hair can be styled as per the individual’s desires.
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