Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair Transplant Procedure

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A million of alopecia patients require hair transplant procedures to recover the natural hair. The extent of baldness and the type of hair loss are never marginalized before a hair transplant procedure is conducted. A consultation during which every detail is rooted about someone’s hair is vital regardless of the hair restoration technique one seeks.

What is a Hair Transplant?

Just as good health and life necessities are vital in completing one’s life, so are the looks and appearance. Hair loss has gone an extra mile over the past decade in destroying young men’s and women’s looks by leaving them bald in a few years.

To effectively restore hair in the bald region, a hair transplant is a modern way of doing so. A hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure in the form of surgery where follicular units are harvested from the donor area, normally at the back or in the sides and planted in the bald region.

Techniques of Hair Transplant at ASG

They are FUE and FUT, each performed after a serious examination and considering the results targeted.

The Follicular Unit Extraction Technique (FUE)
It is the latest technique where a micropunch of or less than 1mm is used to extract hair follicles from the scalp or any other part of the body. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and it is totally an outpatient procedure. It is stitch-less, less scarring and slight bleeding.

The Follicular Unit Transplantation/ Strip Method (FUSS)
In this technique, a strip of hair is cut from the donor area, dissected, and the individual hair follicles are planted in the recipient region (bald) to facilitate hair growth. It is also an outpatient procedure, but it involves stitches and a linear scar.

How a Hair Transplant restores your hair

  • Modern hair transplant procedure can be performed without shaving any hair strands so; the surgeon will just numb the scalp
  • During the FUE hair transplant, the surgeon uses a micropunch to extract hair follicles while during the FUT technique a blade is used to remove the strip of 6 to 10 inches from the donor region. The wound will be stitched
  • Tiny incisions are then made in the recipient region where individual hair follicles are implanted in order to get natural results.

An FUE technique is always considered in the case of hair transplant for women since it leaves no major scars in the donor area.

What to expect after a hair transplant

  • The scalp will remain tender for a few days. Antibiotics can be taken to prevent possibilities of an infection.
  • Itching and dryness must be expected after the procedure
  • The implanted hair follicles will fall out leaving their roots behind which will help the permanent hair to grow back. The restored hair is 100% natural and can be styled in any way you want

The cost of a hair transplant

The cost of a hair transplant is normally determined by the technique used and the number of hair follicles needed. Also, an FUE hair transplant cost in India is normally more expensive than the FUT technique. You can expect a hair transplant procedure to cost you between RS.45, 000- RS.90, 000. Consider a renowned hair transplant centre for the natural and desired results.

Hair Transplant Results

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