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Mesotherapy Treatment

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Mesotherapy Treatment

It falls under the non-invasive hair restoration techniques due to the fact that is not a surgical procedure. Introduced in 1948, Mesotherapy was meant to tackle excessive fat and cellulite in one’s body. As technological development enlarged, it was found that the same treatment could restore one’s hair in case of hair loss.

The earliest way of the treatment involved injecting it directly into the Mesoderm a layer that is beneath the skin. Today, the same Mesotherapy treatment consists of various elements such as the vitamins, acids, and minerals that are injected into the scalp (mesoderm) of a patient to stimulate hair growth

Since Mesotherapy has produced desirable outcomes, the treatment is increasingly used by hair doctors to help hair loss patients recover their hair.

Active Ingredients in Mesotherapy Treatment are

  • Acetyl tetrapeptide-3- to reduce and prevent further inflammation of the hair follicles and it produces more results than Minoxidil.
  • Biochanin A- It converts testosterone to DHT

Both the ingredients help in the new hair formulation and proper growth.

The procedure of Mesotherapy

  • The therapy is actually a combination of various treatments and it is designed depending on the hair loss type of the patient and the extent of the damage. Normally, the procedure takes 35 minutes
  • The scalp of a patient is marked or demarcated to properly identify the affected area from the normal region.
  • A micro injection is given to a patient to stimulate the collagen and the elastin for the new hair growth. The elements used in the microinjection are determined depending on the level of hair loss and how much hair has to be reinstated. The microinjection at the end stops hair fall and new hair will grow.

How the Treatment works

  • There is no pain, stitches or hard equipment used during the procedure
  • The doctor will give the right quantity of treatment after the type of hair loss is known. The treatment will improve blood circulation and nourish the hair follicles from the roots to recover the hair
  • Mesotherapy treatment in India is one of the best solutions for hair loss and one will not require a hair transplant surgery
  • Doctors advise patients under Mesotherapy treatment to modify their lifestyle and exercise regularly
  • Eat healthily for long term results

Advantages of Mesotherapy Treatment

  • It is simple
  • Nourishes the hair follicles from the roots
  • Almost pain-free
  • Convenient and it is a nonsurgical therapy
  • Astonishing results

Mesotherapy cost in India

Mesotherapy is given in sessions, meaning that you will have to take 2 or more rounds, but patients have achieved wonderful improvements after a single session. A single round of Mesotherapy can begin for Rs.300 to Rs.800. Other factors that must be considered are;

  • The type of treatment
  • The level of hair loss
  • The number of rounds you will need
  • The clinic visited

Visit ASG hair transplant to get the right Mesotherapy treatment to fight hair loss. Men and women with Androgenetic Alopecia can highly be helped through this treatment.

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