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The Bald and Blood of PRP

PRP is a lesser-known therapy for treating hair loss. It goes by the name which is an acronym for platelet-rich plasma therapy. It is a new type of therapy which is used in preventing hair loss and balding. It essentially uses the patient’s own blood to do the same. In it, the patient’s blood is taken out, subsequently processed and injected into the scalp. It has shown good results in many cases. It is known to increase blood circulation to the scalp catalyzing hair growth. It may be used in conjunction with other medications to achieve optimum results. PRP therapy in Ludhiana is provided at various clinics.

The Exact Procedure

Although PRP therapy has been in use since the 1980s, not enough scientific research has been done to prove that it is indeed effective in dealing with hair loss. The technique has shown good results in other areas like healing muscles, injured tendons, and ligaments. The treatment requires three cycles about 4-6 months apart. Maintenance is also required after the treatment. The maintenance cycle also needs to carry out every 4-6 months. PRP therapy in Jalandhar is available at the best possible price.

Steps Involved

  • Step 1

Firstly the blood is drawn through a syringe, normally from the arm.

  • Step 2

It is then put in a centrifugal machine. When the machine acts on the blood, it separates out the blood into 3 layers-platelet rich plasma, platelet poor plasma, and red blood cells. This result comes after 10 minutes of centrifugation.

  • Step 3

The blood which is rich in platelet is drawn in a syringe and injected into the scalp of the patient. Generally, the areas with poor hair growth are targeted.

Although theoretically, it has sufficient scientific basis, it has poor clinical proof to support it as enough research has not been done in this field. It still remains indefinite that the treatment is suitable for which candidates and best works under which situations.

The Flip Side

Although chances of getting a communicable disease are minimum in this treatment as the patient’s own blood is being used, there are some other hazards-

  1. Infection due to the use of syringes
  2. Injury to blood vessels
  3. Scarring of the tissue
  4. Deposition of calcium at the injection points which may hamper the working of the tissues
  5. An unpleasant reaction towards the anesthesia used

It is desirable that you discuss the tolerance you have towards anesthetics being used with the doctor to rule out any unpleasant reactions from the body later on.

Suitable for PRP or not?

You are likely to be rejected if you are an alcoholic, take drugs, smoke or are on blood thinners. You will suffer the same fate if you have any chronic condition, cancer, liver or skin disease. Persons with low platelet count, thyroid or sepsis are also likely to be rejected.

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