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Revision Hair Transplant

Revision hair transplants are increasing performed by experts due to the advancement in technology and techniques. A revision hair transplant is like refurbishing since the procedure is performed to increase the appearance or correct mistakes performed in the previous hair transplant.

What is a revision hair transplant?

It is just like the normal hair transplant procedure, though in it, the technique may be changed. A revision hair transplant is where the mistakes of a previous procedure are corrected by an expert to increase the density of the hair or produce more natural results.

The fact about hair transplant surgeries and why a revision

Hair transplant procedures are like other surgical procedures where results can come out perfectly for some patients while in others the opposite. There is no clinic that can guarantee all patients the same kind of “best results” because people lose hair differently, hair types are different, and the requirements for every patient are different.

A surgeon aims at transplanting the strongest and healthiest hair grafts to attain permanent results, but there are cases where a patient loses hair in less 2 years of the surgery due to the genetic reasons or improper care. All these cases require a revision

Before a revision hair transplant, the surgeon will identify the mistakes and totally examine the scalp.

What leads to a revision hair transplant?

There are increasing cases of a revision hair transplant in India due to many factors as below;

  1. Unnatural results/ poor results
  • There are some patients who have to suffer at the cost of their surgeons. Picking a good surgeon and a clinic will help reduce the chances of a revision because experts like at ASG hair transplant Centre have better skills and are experienced in this field
  • Cases, where the surgeon lacked artistry and aesthetic skills, cause patients to land into problems. Poor micropunching and over extraction that leads to formation of doll-like scalps are some of the mistakes that lead to a revision
  1. Lack of information
  • A hair transplant is performed after a proper examination of the scalp and when one qualifies for the surgery. Some patients are duped into getting a hair surgery yet in the actual sense would have waited a little longer for the hair loss to fully develop.
  • A patient under the age of 23 is not advised to have a hair transplant surgery
  • Another case is when a surgeon fails to explain to the patient that he or she may require more techniques, for example, Giga session or a body hair transplant to attain more hair follicles to create a good density
  • It is good for a surgeon to inform the patient about the possible results of a hair transplant surgery

Tips to reduce the chances or prevent a revision hair transplant

  • Make a thorough research before a hair transplant and find a surgeon who is well experienced and qualified
  • Stay in touch with the surgeon and inform him about the hair progress
  • Avoid smoking and over-consumption of alcohol after a hair transplant
  • Follow the doctor’s advice

Are there other solutions other than a revision hair transplant?

  • Scalp Micro Pigmentation
  • Wearing wigs
  • Nonsurgical hair restoration treatments

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