Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss

Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss

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Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair loss is part of humans, but when it exceeds its limits it becomes a threat. Many look for solutions here and there, but hey, have you heard of hair loss therapy? To leave hair transplant aside, there is one called Stem Cell Therapy to help you restore your hair with just simple measures. The Stem Cell Therapy hair loss treatment has various benefits that range from effective healing process to attaining more favorable results after the treatment.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell hair loss treatment is a non-surgical treatment for hair loss among men and women. The procedure is ideally good for patients with moderate hair loss and one will witness a change in the bald area with just two sessions of the treatment.

Stem Cell helps in stimulating the cells found in the hair follicles to produce more hair. When one’s hair cells are damaged or destroyed, it results in hair thinning and hair loss, so the therapy helps in healing and stimulating the cells for proper functioning.

With the stem cell therapy, the whole process of hair formation is regenerated since the stem cell injection is administered directly in the area where there is no hair.

Stem cell therapy and hair loss

Hair faces many challenges starting from the personal health, eating habits, and pollution. All these factors affect the way our hair grows through damaging the cells. As a result, the hair thins and will create bald patches over the time.

Stem Cell therapy is absolutely a good way to fight hair loss and it has no side effects.

The process of Stem Cell Hair loss Treatment

The process of this therapy is easy and can be understood in the simplest way as below;

  • Your own hair approximately 400 or more depending on the level of damage will be taken by the doctor. Your own blood is also taken
  • The hair follicles are cultured in the laboratory to produce more stem cells. This means that more hair follicles are produced
  • The blood passes through a centrifugation process where the cells are separated from the rest of the blood.
  • After two weeks, on your next appointment, the doctor will fix the multiplied hair follicles into your bald region.
  • The cells will also be injected into your scalp

Benefits of the treatment

Stem cell therapy treatment in India has shown remarkable results and it is one of the recommended treatments for patients suffering from hair loss. Some of the benefits are;

  • Easiest way of restoring hair
  • Less invasive
  • Good for men and women with less hair loss
  • Good results after few months
  • Less costly

Choosing ASG hair transplant centre for Stem Cell Therapy

  • ASG hair transplant is a state of the art centre for all hair loss patients.
  • Qualified specialists with creativity
  • At ASG, we diagnose, treat and follow our patients to know the results of the treatment
  • Dedicated doctors in the field of hair transplant in India.

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