Shall i Expect Hair Loss After Pregnancy? Is it Normal?

Shall i Expect Hair Loss After Pregnancy Is it Normal


    Hair loss after pregnancy is normal and common because of hormonal changes. Yes, this is true that hormones play an important role in the hair growth cycle. Many women do not even know the reason behind hair loss. In this guide, we will surely tell you about the hair fall after pregnancy or childbirth.

    Hair loss is not the only experience by you there are many types of persons who are suffering from this hair fall condition. But the hair fall after pregnancy is normal or common because of hormonal changes after delivery. This type of hair loss basically known as postpartum hair fall which occurs after three months of delivery.

    Is it a common scalp condition after pregnancy?

    A recent investigation shows that there are two main reasons behind hair fall after pregnancy such as Fluctuations in hormones and nutritional deficiency. In addition to this, both these conditions lead to severe Telogen Effluvium condition. It also reveals that almost 60% of ladies suffer from hair loss after childbirth only because of hormonal changes. And your hair goes into a resting phase which means you will surely experience hair fall for the next 3 months. Because this resting phase lasts up to 3 months but there is no need to worry about hair growth. It will cure itself without any medication, but if you experience excessive hair loss then you must go with a hair transplant because this is the best hair loss treatment.

    Is hair fall after pregnancy permanent?

    No, not at all, this type of hair fall is temporary, you do not need to worry about hair growth. Do not even try so many hair growth solutions because these will surely worsen your condition over the condition. You should leave them for some time and when your hormones get back in normal condition, then hair fall ultimately stops. In order to grow hair faster, you need to stick to a healthy diet full of vitamins and other nutrients. Because the majority of women are suffering from hair fall due to nutrition deficiency.

    How to prevent hair fall during and after the pregnancy?

    Here are various tips which will help you to get rid of this hair fall condition.

    • Do not use so many hair growth products these will harm your genes and hormones as well.
    • You should also change your hair styling habits, for example, avoid over-brushing your hair because it will lead to excessive hair fall.
    • Massage your hair and scalp with essential oils such as coconut, olive, and rosemary oils.
    • Must consume healthy foods which will help you to balance the hormones because hormones play an important role in hair growth. You should avoid consuming processed and oily foods or foods which contain preservatives.