Why is India one of the best medical tourism spots to get a hair transplant?

Hair transplant How can you plan for hair transplant treatment in India


    Hair Transplant In India Vs. Turkey

    Hair transplant is one of the ultimate medical advancements that anyone could have thought about. Just imagine the stress of living bald at a young age can make things difficult in all ways. To better address, the situation, the treatment of Hair Transplant in Punjab makes the most acceptable option for those looking to get the hair restoration treatment. But, one more thing needs to be added here: medical tourism in India is increasing at a fast pace. Suppose if you compare the hair transplant treatment in India with other countries like Turkey, then it can tell why India is the preferred destination.

    Hair transplant cost

    One of the most important factors talked about is the Hair Transplant Cost, which is fairly less or, should I say, affordable in India as compared to any other destination. On average, the hair transplant cost in India is around Rs 40,000, which is way too less than any other developed nation around the globe. This is why even the individuals from Turkey come to India to plan for their hair transplant journey and get the best results.

    What are the factors to consider while planning for a hair transplant?

    If you are on the hunt for a destination to plan for the hair transplant surgery, then here are some factors that are worth noting down upon. Let’s learn about the same one by one:

    Factor 1: Surgeon qualification

    Most importantly, you should check the surgeon’s experience to ensure that he is experienced and skilled enough to do the surgery. Their expertise indeed is why the success rate is ten times better. So, while planning for the surgery, always check the surgeon’s qualifications.

    Factor 2: Technique used

    Hair transplant technology has improved a lot with time. The most preferred techniques are FUE and FUT, the game-changer for all those struggling with hair loss. The doctor will suggest the treatment option depending on the hair loss severity and what choice will work best.

    Factor 3: Donor hair quality

    While planning for hair transplant, donor hair quality is an essential factor. So, the density and quality of the donor’s hair are worth noting while planning for a hair transplant. The doctor will calculate the hair transplant’s total cost, keeping this factor in mind.

    Factor 4: Total number of sessions required

    However, hair transplant treatment gives the best results in a single session. Only if needed or the patient’s condition is way worse than more than one session is required. You will be told about the same factor only after consulting the doctor as the initial consultation helps to better point at the same.

    Factor 5: Check the clinic location

    You should check the clinic location. No doubt being a surgical treatment, it’s all-important that you get the treatment from the place with everything.

    So, now you know the factors to consider when you look for a hair transplant clinic. And taking into account everything, you will find INDIA is the top destination to plan for your hair transplant journey.