Hair Care Guide: Which are the 4 effective ways to regrow your hair?

5 Ways To Grow Your Hair


    Hair loss – One of the most common problems experienced by men and women. No doubt, many factors make the situation worse by all means. If you have managed to successfully consult a Hair transplant Surgeon In Punjab and prevent this condition from occurring once and for all. There are a few crucial measures that you should take to keep your hair locks strong afterward.

    4 most effective ways to manage hair growth

    Apart from hair transplant treatment, a few essential measures are worth taking to make your hair locks strong and healthy. Have a look at the same one by one to enlighten yourself effectively:

    Tip 1: Scalp massage

    As you talk to the doctor about the Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab, also make sure to speak of the aftercare tips. After the surgery, it’s suggested to do a scalp massage. Massage is known as a beneficial way to help blood flow. Moreover, it allows to unclog the pores, makes scalp health better, and promotes hair growth.

    Tip 2: Biotin supplement

    Intake of adequate vitamins and necessary substances are known to help in hair growth. One of them is biotin which helps with proper hair growth and makes hair follicles strong. But, make sure to consult the doctor to know which supplements you have to take depending on your condition.

    Tip 3: Minoxidil Topical treatment

    Minoxidil topical treatment has proven to help with hair growth. But, yes, before you take it, always consult the doctor as these treatment options often provide temporary effects. It’s possible to make hair transplant results better; you are suggested to use minoxidil to manage the results.

    Tip 4: Platelet-rich plasma

    PRP therapy is a non-surgical treatment that often works for individual who has less hair loss. The patient’s blood is extracted, processed, and then put back into the scalp during PRP. The platelets are the ones that help in hair growth and achieve the best possible results. In many cases, hair transplant and PRP treatment are combined to achieve effective results.

    Please Note!

    The suggestions mentioned in the blog are just for general purposes only. Always consult the medical expert to understand what’s wrong and which treatment plan is worth getting for your condition.

    Is a hair transplant the right solution for me?

    Hair transplant treatment is one of the treatments that offers permanent and natural-looking hair growth. With this approach, the problem of MPB is effectively addressed. Depending on how much hair loss you have, the graft availability is known & the doctor will tell you about the necessary hair transplant type you have to get. So, this way, you are in a better state to manage your hair loss problem.