Everything you need to know about the eyebrow hair transplant

Detailed Guide On Eyebrow Hair


    Eyebrow Hair Transplant

    Eyebrows are one of the important parts of our face and it’s the way we shape them and the way it appears. If you have sparse or thin eyebrows then it’s likely to affect your confidence and self-esteem. In case you have this issue, then you need to get the treatment of an Eyebrow hair transplant to give your eyebrows a new look. Not just for aesthetic purposes but if someone has lost their eyebrows due to an accident or other problem, even then hair transplant makes a suitable approach.

    Is eyebrow transplant possible?

    At first, it might sound surprising but an eyebrow transplant at one of the best Hair Transplant clinic In Punjab is possible. The treatment allows the removal of the hair follicles from different body parts and transplant them to the problematic area. The surgeon’s precision and effective approach allow for to transplant of the hair grafts safely and ensure it looks the best.

    How is an eyebrow hair transplant performed?

    Well! The eyebrow hair transplant is performed by following several steps. Most importantly, the FUE Hair Transplant In Punjab procedure is opted to transplant the hair follicles precisely. The surgeon will use top-rated and inventive technology to transplant the eyebrows. Additionally, the surgeon transplants the hair follicles in desired angle and direction to make it look all-natural. The procedure helps to improve the patient’s aesthetic appearance that he or she always wanted to have.

    Following the surgery, you need to follow all necessary instructions given by the surgeon to effectively manage the results and go through recovery. With that said and done, undergoing hair transplant treatment in India is extremely safe to make sure physical looks get better by all possible means.

    Cost of eyebrow hair transplant in India

    No matter which surgical procedure you talk about, most individuals are usually concerned about the cost factor. Having desired understanding of the cost is essential. For the eyebrow hair transplant, the cost depends upon the total number of hair grafts required for the surgery. On average the cost of hair grafts is between Rs 10 to Rs 30.

    How much time does it take to see the hair growth?

    The eyebrow hair growth takes time and you need to keep your patience level higher. Ideally, you need at least 4 to 5 months to see the necessary hair growth. Additionally, you need to maintain hair quality and hair growth. The necessary factor is to follow the surgeon’s advice throughout the recovery stage. Doing so, it will bring a difference in the results.

    Final thoughts!

    Do you think the procedure is right for you? Schedule your initial consultation at ASG Hair Transplant Centre to plan a customized eyebrow hair transplant and see the desired difference in hair growth you are looking for.