Effect Of Sweat Post Hair Transplant Surgery And How To Prevent Them

Does Sweat Affect Hair Transplant Result?


    Hair transplant surge is a simple and effective procedure wherein the doctor performs the whole process to help the patient treat their hair loss.

    Many people try out different hair fall treatments without any success, then they opt for Hair Transplant In Punjab as a final resort.

    With the help of the latest technology in hair transplant surgery, the best clinics are able to provide a natural-looking outcome without any complications.

     Most Effective Technology for Hair Transplant

    Some of the most common yet effective technologies include FUE Hair Transplant in Jalandhar and sapphire hair transplant. With the help of these techniques, you would have to endure a shorter recovery time and also minimal scarring, which is a plus sign. 

    Post Hair Transplant Surgery Care

    To top it off, you should also focus on post-hair transplant surgery care for better results and long-lasting effects. This is why many people like to choose hair transplant in the summer, as they might have summer vacation lined up with less stress of work at that time. On vacation, they would get ample time to recoup and relax after the surgery.

    But one thing that becomes a problem for the hair transplant surgery in the summer is SWEAT!

     Effects Of Sweat On Hair Transplant

    Sweat is one of the significant factors that can affect hair growth after a hair transplant. Let us see in which ways they can have a clear impact.

    1. Sweat stops the free flow of air to the scalp. This is why the grafts are unable to survive properly.
    1. It is also known for affecting the development of transplanted grafts.
    1. Sweat can be the leading cause of infection in transplanted grafts. Even though only one section of the grafts catches an infection, within no time, it would spread to the other section. This is a counter-attack to the purpose of the surgery. 

    How To Protect The Scalp Post Hair Transplant From Sweat?

    These are some techniques that might help you prevent your hair from sweat, effectively protecting your scalp post hair transplant surgery for better results.

    1. In sweat, lactic acid badly impacts the hair, resulting in hair loss. Hence, you should try not to sweat post hair transplant. Stress, anxiety, and paranoia are some examples that can end up in sweating. If you are going through this cognition, your body will naturally start sweating from head to toe. And if it is a normal occurrence, it might lead to hair loss.
    1. You should not lift any heavy stuff and also reduce extreme physical activity as it would decrease the chances of sweating. In case you are in a profession wherein you can not avoid strenuous exercise, you must seek advice from the doctor. This is why you must undergo surgery when you are liable to take leaves for a couple of weeks.
    1. We also suggest you avoid any heavy-duty workout regime, including HIITm aerobics, Zumba, and many more. Their main goal is to burn calories, leading to sweat. If you are interested in working out, you could instead opt for walking.