What Role Does Natural Hair Line Play in Hair Transplant

What role Does Natural Hair Line Plays in Hair Transplant


    With hair loss becoming an inevitable part of our aging process, the procedure of hair transplant is gaining endless popularity. As luck would have it, not only the aged are getting bald, even the young population is facing this problem. The same can be said about men and women. Both the genders are facing hair loss issues. When we come to the intricate detailing of the procedure, both the patient and the doctor have to keep in mind the significance of natural hairline in mind. The transfer of the hair grafts must be in a manner which affirms to the natural growth pattern and the hairline of the patient. The trick is to transplant in such a way that it is practically impossible to detect it. The right grafts placed at the right positions in the frontal and temporal region are what make a natural looking hairline.

    Natural Hairline: What is the concept?

    It defines the aesthetic accuracy of the transplant procedure. On a basic level, it means the correct placement of the grafts, much in accordance with the pattern and direction of the natural hair growth of the patient. The surgeon must keep in mind the patient’s facial features and the pattern of his hair growth. The surgeon must fulfil the irregularities or zigzag pattern by using slim grafts . The technique of microscopic dissection helps in achieving this objective. It allows the surgeon to obtain slim grafts through minute dissection. It plays a great role in obtaining the maximum number of slim parts for the hairline implantation.

    How does the hairline influence Hair Transplant Surgery?

    Makes the Results Undetectable

    It is crucial in making the results look as natural as possible. It must be according to the patient’s facial profile. A well-done hairline job will make it untraceable whether a transplant was performed or not.

    Aesthetically fulfilling

    The job becomes aesthetically appealing by placing the grafts at the right place in the right numbers. A bad hair transplant can be corrected by either placing thin grafts at the front or getting the hairline corrected by an expert hair transplant surgeon.

    The problems in attaining the perfect hairline

    Achieving natural hairline is not an easy task. The problem is further compounded when the FUE transplant technique is used. It often paves the way for high transaction rate as a result of the wrong angle and extraction direction. But the problem arises due to the fact that it is quite a complex job to find the best number of roots which can be placed in the bald recipient area. Thus it is preferable to use the FUT technique.