Important Tips for the Best Results After Hair Transplant Recovery

get Best Results After Hair Transplant Recovery


    Hair transplants and beard transplants are both well-known for being very simple cosmetic surgery treatments. There is no surgical equipment, scars, or general anesthesia. Additionally, they make getting over them quite simple. Due to its speed and lack of downtime, the recovery method for Follicular Unit Extraction is popular. However,  You should know a few things regarding hair transplant recovery.


    Exercise and Strenuous Activity

    Your surgeon would likely advise you to avoid intense exercise after your hair transplant. At ASG Hair Doctor, we advise avoiding specific activities for two weeks to encourage healing. For instance, when bending down, we advise against doing so at the waist. We don’t want you to do anything that could result in a prolonged surge of blood to your brain. We also advise against performing any workout that results in excessive sweating. It’s a good idea to ask your provider precisely about any regular activities you do.


    Washing Your Hair

    Patients often worry about how to clean their hair. When can you wash your hair without putting your fresh grafts at risk? The answer is that it’s not as dangerous as you would believe. You can safely wash your hair after 48 hours, but if you’d rather wait a day longer, that’s also acceptable. We suggest using a small bit of shampoo in a cup instead of placing a large drop on your head. The cup is then filled with water, which is then poured over your head before being washed off with additional water from the cup. This ensures that you are taking the best possible care of your hair transplants while preventing greasy hair from being displayed to the public. For the first week, avoid getting your head directly wet with the shower spray. After that, you can take care of your hair as normal.


    Wearing a Hat

    We understand the attraction of donning a hat over your freshly transplanted head before venturing outside. However, we advise you to hold off on this for at least 3 days. After three days, you can wear a loose-fitting hat, and after five days, you can wear one that fits more snugly, like a baseball cap. You are completely fine to wear whatever you want on your head after five days.


    Alcohol, Hair Dye, and Smoking

    You can dye your hair before obtaining a transplant, but you shouldn’t for four weeks thereafter. The strong chemicals could cause damage to the still-fragile hair grafts as they take root. It is doubtful that you would consider your area of transplantation will have been shaved to get ready for the transplant.


    We truly hope that the above advice may aid in your hair transplant recovery. We at the ASG Hair Transplant Centre respect your decision-making and wish for you to be satisfied with it. A hair transplant is a significant step, so we want to make sure you are properly informed before you go to ensure a quick recovery.


    You’ll probably receive a list of instructions before you go home after your hair transplant treatment. Please read this information in its complete, and if you have any questions, get in touch with your provider once again. Call ASG Hair Transplant in Ludhiana at any time, and we’ll take the time to provide you with all the details you require. If you are just beginning your inquiry into Hair Transplant Costs in Punjab, you can contact us through our Website.