Tips To Reverse Traction Alopecia

Tips To Reverse Traction Alopecia


    What does actually Traction Alopecia mean?

    It is a term which is used to know the form of hair loss. It sometimes can be also referred to the hair loss and independent of the cause. The term traction has the ability to show the result of hair loss  of any kind. During an early age, commonly there are no symptoms of traction alopecia but some patients experience the itching and irritation along. When the skin starts to affect the skin there are might chances to create severe problems regarding the hair loss.

    Main cause of this is – The most common cause of it is associated with the braids, weaves and dreadlocks. However, some other styles like ponytails, and also long hair styles also cause traction alopecia. It can also be caused due to the helmets and turbans. Apart from this, there can be several other common causes of this disease involving hair loss treatment.

    Symptoms of Traction Alopecia:

    Some of the common symptoms of this disease are discussed as below:

    • scalp tenderness
    • red mark on the scalp
    • broken hair
    • patchy hair or thin hair line

    These were some of the common signs that everyone can notice very easily. When someone starts to deal with the treatment of this they can have the proper knowledge of it in detail.

    Treatment of this involves:

    • First of all it is must to be aware of the fact that the patient may know about the problem at an early stage so that there is enough time to deal with the issue.
    • Then comes the point how to deal with swelling or related problem. To consult a doctor is must because it is the only way to be sure about the diagnosis and rest of the treatment ahead.
    • When the diagnosis is about to happen you need to remember different type of treatments. There is a need to keep in mind that the patient had natural hair growth supplements provided like biotin or some other.

    Steps to prevent –

    • This can be prevented by following a proper routine for hair, the gap is required for getting healthy and long hair. It is important to consider good products and use them regularly without having any side effects on the body.
    • Another thing is to implement the hairstyle in such a way which decrease the damage of hair and try an alternate way out for the proper treatment. The hair should be given space and tightening should be avoided as much as possible.